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With masks, the science isn't settled.

We are told to wear a mask everywhere we turn.Billboards along the highway. Press conferences. Celebrities. Medical professionals. Letters to the editor. Social media. Young and impressionable children who come home from school filled with videos and content from Scholastic and Google and other sources who have pounded "masks are a must!" into their head.There's no getting away from it, and we're told that if we don't wear masks, we're selfish, not doing our part, uncaring, part of the problem, responsible for killing people, and ignorant. Some of us are denied entrance to stores, or are the recipients of glares or confrontational remarks from people who, at the beginning of the year, had been fellow friendly community members.  If you don't wear a mask, our state government and leaders have given others permission to view you as something very negative.We stopped blaming the virus for the outbreak, and turned towards blaming people. "Trust the exper…

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