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Building a postal mailing list

I've decided to build a paper mailing list. For newsletters or whatever. There are many reasons.

1. I like paper mail, both sending and receiving. I just think it's fun.

2. Paper items such as money and mail were demonized as "dirty" during the pandemic and I take note of that and what it means. As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, postal mail is crucial to freedom of speech. Which leads to the next point...

3. I'm very tired of social media "fact checking", limiting, and pulling down content that goes against their "community standards." Clearly, I'm not a part of their community because their standards allow for some seriously nasty sexual or anti-religious stuff, but pull down information ought to be available for people to consider. I already personally archive much of what I read online, before it is pulled down, and so this is a piece of that approach. I've seen people, through social media pressure and cancel culture, …

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