What would you like to read next?

A few weeks ago, I made a survey to help me decide what to write next.

Here are the results:

Forms response chart. Question title: What sounds interesting to you?. Number of responses: 14 responses.
That chart is a little squashed, so here's how it shakes out (note: people could vote for as many options as they wanted):

  • Traveling tips and stories for the average uncool person (27%).
  • Animals, essays, and images (21%).
  • My experiences in the startup world (21%).
  • Work and job-related stories and essays (21%).
  • An introverted low-key low-energy person's take on self-help and self-improvement (27%).
  • Thoughts about faith and such related things (43%).
  • Old blog posts sort of reheated, along with associated backstories (21%).
  • Reboot the LP magazine (7%).
  • More blog posts (21%).
  • Various Bible studies from an average Joe non-seminary art major person such as myself (36%).

I will admit I became nervous when the first vote came in for work and job-related stories. That's like climbing up on the rack and asking someone to start tightening away. I have lots of such stories to tell you, but I'm sure you have plenty of your own horror.

So it looks like thoughts about faith and related iota comes in first, then various Bible studies (which I feel sorely unequipped to handle), then the introverted approach to the self-help realm tied with traveling stories for uncool people.

We'll see.