Fixed the newel post

Monday was filthy hot. Around 100 degrees.

The wind was blowing, adding to the severe drought we have going on.

It was humid.

My glasses were fogging up.

I was awkwardly wadded up in the pop-up camper sewing torn canvas that hadn't been torn until we got it back from the RV shop and I guess the guys there didn't care too much when they packed it away because we can't have a work ethic now, can we. There were several cuts into the plastic window and the canvas. This was angering, since we'd put so much time and care into it only to have a bunch of ham-handed guys in a shop cram it up when collapsing it and pinching and tearing the interior.

Canvas is horrible to repair; it frays easily, and you almost have to take a darning approach to it if you don't have a patch of some sort. So I'm trying not to make the tears worse, darning and using various whip and blanket stitches and also melting. Then I went outside and sewed on a bungee loop that had ripped through the canvas under one of the pop-up beds.

I had sweat pouring off of me and actually dripping onto the driveway.

I loathe summer and I'm not afraid to say. In North Dakota, you're not supposed to feel that way because winter lasts so long, but I won't take a knee to summer, no way. I'm glad it's short. The sun and sweat and wood ticks can disappear.

My mood was shot by the time I was done with all of the repairs, the sweating, the baking sun, and the needle-pricked and bleeding fingers.

I walked into the house, my glasses fogging up, and threw my sewing gear onto the counter.

I could only think of one thing to say. "Fixed the newel post!"