Julie, you didn't weigh in on the protests and riots

A secret of bloggers: you have about the same (or more) blog posts in draft than are published.

Most of them never leave draft form.

Some have bits pulled out and used in other blog posts. Some are just left to fade away. Some are snippets, brainstorms of posts that you think you might flesh out but then never have the interest to do so, or decide it isn't of value to do so.

And some are full-fledged completely written posts, ready to go if you'd just hit publish. Nothing stopping you but a click.

I wrote a blog post about what's going on right now with the protests and riots. It was about 8K words. Graphics, screenshots, the whole nine yards.


Maybe I'll chop it for bits later. Right now, it dies silently in my drafts.

I like what Ben Carson said, taking to heart the personal nature of change, which is like a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

"What is my sphere of influence?"

I removed some people from social media. I restricted others. I read, thought, prayed. Faithful to God, and faithful to the people He puts in my life. Pray. Read the Bible. Follow His leading. Turn off the news.

We want to change the world, and we can't even change their own bad habits. We want others to listen to our voice when we won't even listen to God's.

Yeah, I could say something. But maybe I'll be more faithful with my daily relationship with God instead.

As noted in the article, we do more changing of the world starting in our home. Every small problem that starts there births and contributes to these big ones.


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