Aren't these masks biological waste?

Masks found at Sam's and elsewhere, blowing in the wind.

Back in April, I was in the federal building because that's where the post office is. After checking my box, I mailed a letter in the inside dropbox. As I was walking away, the custodian hollered at me. I turned to look.

On the floor of the building was a grimy creased yellow-green mask near where I'd just mailed my letter.

"You dropped this."

Uh, sir, I can guarantee you that isn't mine. "That's not mine."

He just looked at me. Then said again, "you dropped this."

A few other people had slowed or stopped to watch. One was wearing a mask. They looked at the mask on the floor in horror.

"That's not my mask. I don't know where that came from."

The custodian just stared at me. He wasn't going to pick it up. He really thought it was mine.

So I walked back to him. Hey, he was going to force me to close the life-or-death six feet social distance so whatever. "So you want me to pick that up? Because it isn't mine."

He stared at me.

"Do you want me to pick it up?"

He nodded.

Muttering under my breath, I reached down and grabbed the thing and walked over to a garbage and tossed it. So difficult. 

Yesterday, in a local Facebook group, a gal asked the following question: 

Why are there no biohazard bins for masks and gloves if this virus is so contagious and deadly?

Let's not even go into how the environmental movement must be weeping as plastics, disposables, one-use items, and whatever else have exploded in use in the past six months. Absolutely every envrionmentally friendly attempt to reduce plastic use and garbage is out the window though no one is talking about that, much like how few people want to talk about the rise of cases following the protests.

Nevertheless, I've been noticing plenty of bio-litter around town.

Masks, especially, are everywhere if you bother to look. And worldwide, it's becoming like a blanket of plastic.

The silence from the anti-oil people is stunning. In fact, I've seen several I recall tangling with during the pipeline protest who were supposed die-hard anti-oil anti-plastic proponents being among the most aggressive in mocking anyone who says they won't wear a mask, demanding that businesses insist employees and customers wear them. For a while (and still, in some stores) I can't use my reusable grocery bags which I actually prefer because they hold more. Businesses that used to allow you to bring in your own mugs or drink containers no longer do. Everything has become one-use throw-away plastic-wrapped garbage. Plastic hand sanitizer bottles and pumps, plastic sheeting, plastic-wrapped plastic eating utensils...plastic as far as the eye can see. In some cases, we're running out of the plastic items, and guess where we get a lot of it from? China.

You people are hypocrites.

You are.

If you won't attribute the new rise in cases to recent mass protests and instead scold law-abiding people for going to restaurants and church, and you won't acknowledge the plastic and fabric waste from bio-litter, you're not a proponent of anything meaningful. You're just a proponent of whatever is trending with the mob.

You're a tool.

UPDATE: I think I'll just keep stockpiling photos of bio-litter that I come across. If you take some yourself, you let me know.

A reader sent me a link to this post in which a National Park got after people for litter. Note that face mask litter is becoming a problem.

Plus, let's not forget that if you claim to care about not only the environment but also the downtrodden, realize many masks are being made by Uighurs in China.


  1. How about all the homemade masks? As you stated, masks are supposed to be one time use and then disposed of as a contaminant. NO ONE IS WASHING THOSE HOMEMADE MASKS!!! Do people even think about how gross it is to use the same mask day after day as you travel through business after business? I was talking about this with my son and asked him this: if he ate a bowl of ice cream and left the spoon and bowl downstairs by the TV as he usually does...would he use the same dirty bowl and spoon the next time he wanted some ice cream -without washing it first? He thought that was disgusting and that he'd be worried about getting sick. Bingo.


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