Bacterial infested mask as status symbol

Mask dangling from rearview mirror in Bismarck car.

I'd been noticing more and more cars around town with face masks hanging from their rearview mirror. My first thought that maybe they were tired of breathing in respiratory excrement and were trying to dry it out in the sun through the windshield.

"I guess it's the new status symbol," my friend said. He'd been reading some articles that had made mention of this.

I sure hope that's not the truth. 

People are sad. Everything they can do to let people know how to group them into a stereotype, they do with bumper stickers and masks and decals and whatever else, and then they get upset when you make assumptions.

"How dare you assume anything about me?"

"Well, my dude, look at your car."

I decided to make a few items for rearview mirrors since I sure want to be in on the trend of virtue signaling via car mirror. I may add a "Made in China" tag, all puns intended.

The fuzzy dice of 2020, I guess.