Public health doesn't really care about your health

They want you to lose hope.

One of my greatest frustrations with this pandemic -- and there were many -- was how our health departments and officials chose a route of fear and defensiveness in their messaging instead of taking the rare rapt attention of the public and turning it towards genuine health. This was our opportunity to use the fear of the virus to get people to take their health more seriously. Instead, we wasted it on gloves, masks, disinfectants, mechanical ventilators, and plastic.

I have yet to see, besides the one-off individual doctor, talk about how a healthy human body is the best defense against disease, bacteria, and viruses, or discuss less invasive treatments (such as inhaled steroids or HCQ) that don't require expensive prescriptions or mechancial ventilators in an ICU. We still get sick, we still die, but we do have the chance to maintain our health the best we can, and that makes a difference. Yet a fear-tinged message, disguised as "educating" us, has been the path taken by leaders such as Fauci et al.

Healthier people, or sickly people in plastic cages, peering out across the virual landscape?

We could have educated people about how pathogens work. We could have talked about bacteria (especially Spirochaete), bacteria resistance, and the huge importance of good bacteria and the implications of it for nearly every chronic problem we see today. We could have talked about viruses, how our body responds, and how to fight them. We could have focused on good basic personal hygiene that would serve us for the rest of our life.

We could have turned people towards seeing their body as something to get and stay as healthy as they could through healthy food, decent exercise, a good night's sleep, being out in the sun, and doing things to maintain mental health (e.g. socializing, the value of maintaining good habits and schedules). Instead of making food and exercise all about getting skinny and sexy (which is what it has become), we could have shown that the real value in healthy living and normal exercise -- even just regular daily walks! -- isn't whether you get skinny or not, but is about being less sickly. 

We could have talked about vitamins and nutrients and the food we eat and what food is good for us and why. We could have had a discussion on the value of certain vitamins and supplements when you are feeling ill, and why they work. We could have given basic recommendations to at least doctors to advise their patients on vitamins they could take to help them out during this time.

But no.

Instead, we made people terrified of microorganisms and encouraged them to use harsh chemicals to douse their homes, mail, clothing, and bodies with it. 

Instead, we insisted people, including children, hide in musty dry houses and apartments instead of going out in the UV sunlight and breathing in the warm and moist air. And then, when people were "allowed" to leave their homes, they were forced to hide behind dirty, damp masks and feel shame and guilt if they didn't.

Instead of actual hope and healthy thinking, we shut down churches, used marketing platitudes that didn't mean anything, and induced stress hormones in people due to the fear, isolation, shame, guilt, anger, and hopelessness. We gaslighted people, and we shamed them into silence by mobs on the internet. We took away the structure of daily routines that help us make sense of the world, and left us to turn to junk food, alcohol, and wearing pajamas all day.

Instead, we dismissed discussions of vitamins and non-prescription or non-vaccine regimens by saying "there's no study that proves that works" despite significant evidence and use in places outside of the United States. Even worse, those with power in the media and government actively mocked or restricted access to viable, affordable, and legitimate options that would have helped save lives. Some set up studies that were destined to fail so we could be herded back to expensive, invasive, and not-so-successful medical treatment to line someone's pocket.

Instead, we encouraged people to stay away from other people, to isolate and cover faces, cutting off contact and turning each other into a literal faceless entity. This lead to increases in suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and frankly, from what I've personally been noticing in discussion online, emotionally unbalanced people who had not been so before all this began. 

Instead, we had celebrities and leaders screaming "listen to the experts!" and then adding "but not that expert!" We had people in power gather as many as they could against the experts who disagreed with the mob, and mock them, shut them down, or drown them out.

This has been going on five months. The leaders, the media, and the individuals who served as peer pressure social media hacks "fighting" disinformation have, on their heads, the fact that large swaths of this nation are more unhealthy, physically and mentally, than they've ever been. Some won't recover. 

Why our "health" leaders chose to lecture and warn instead of teach and encourage, I don't know, but it is a definite indicator of the problem with the "public health" model. 

That is, we are individuals. We live in different geographic locations, different cultures, and have very different health profiles. Public health, as in most things with "public" in the front of them (e.g. public school) tend to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. If you want to include the whole mass, you have to find the lowest point so you don't miss anyone. Whether you lived a healthy life and personally did not have fear, you were not allowed an option. Public health says all wear masks all the time, even in 100 degree 100 percent humidity.

Five months, we've been denied the right to thrive financially, socially, mentally, creatively, and physically. We are fed a steady diet of fear, deviously wrapped in marketing to make it appear normal and "good," and told things are still bad even if the data might show good news.

We should have been given the information and tools to thrive, not hide and mindlessly obey. Efforts to find that information were thwarted by social media "fact checkers" and information overlords. Unless you fought to find the information on ways you could stay healthy, you were left in an abyss of fear, terror, bad news, and no hope except a vaccine or continued hiding.

This is why you do not look to the government to save you, and why personal liberty is important. Otherwise, you don't exist. The mass exists, but the individual does not. 


  1. I love that you are brave enough to express the thoughts of so many of us that just aren't able to.

  2. You know, it's almost creepy how much I agree with this. (Only almost.)


  3. This was very well written, Julie!

    - Facebook follower RND


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