In support of the Prime Directive

State's rights are pretty neat.

2020 has been a spectacular illustration on the matter. The Trump administration put down few restrictions during the pandemic save travel restrictions. The rest he rightfully left up to the state governors, counties, and mayoral leadership. Some people had a horrific time of it, because their governor or mayor was Il Duce.

This approach of leaving it to the states and localities to decide was a genius idea in an election year, frankly, because people got to see how crappy their local and state leadership ended up being.

But just as with free speech, it isn't the government doing the damage as much as it is the mob. It's the mob that has been most successful, in recent years, in getting people fired, terrified through doxing, and harassed, not the government. I have noticed, in many discussions online regarding masks, that the most immediate and ardent supporters in the comments section of North Dakota news sources -- almost always the first or second out of the gate -- are quite often not from North Dakota.

For a state that is consistently the last anyone visits in the nation so much so that you can buy stickers at TRNP that say "saved the best for last," it's amazing how many people around the nation and world care so much to butt into the comments on our state's news posts.

So they pop in and start blathering about and at some point, you look at their profile and you realize they're from Connecticut or Timbuktu or Romulus or whatever.

Recent case in point on a ND News update on the day's testing result update: Peter pops in and promotes proper protection:

That unbelievably limp comedic opening line led to a wee bit o' feedback from people, people who were actually from North Dakota. At some point I decided to see where he was from. I assumed it was Fargo (a.k.a. Little Minneapolis). He was from Connecticut. 

Golly. I had no idea our news was of such import to the folks in Conecticut.

As it turns out, Peter was a frequent and regular traveler to North Dakota, one of just two such travelers in existence!

If you're fond of a place, you don't, from your outsider location, pop in and tell people in that place how to live. I mean, isn't that like colonization? Aren't we against that now? Is Peter trying to colonize the Great Plains with some northeast mumbo jumbo?

We had some more discussion on the mandated (or guilted into) wearing of masks. Everyone has the neat potential of being a propaganda machine, so it was super cool how Peter opened the gamut with a freakishly twisted bit of mind f-ery. I was pretty pleased with how North Dakota folks responded, with lots of "nopes" and "no sir."

At one point Peter discussed how he wore an N95 mask and goggles wherever he went. I said he was ridiculous for doing so. Could you imagine seeing that out and about on the streets every day? In the summer? Trying to hear whilst ordering or talking to? We would start to look like we're in an episode of Star Trek with quasi-pathetic creature costumes to indicate aliens. 

Many of these conversations feel like I'm having a conversation with the character you see below, and I warn you, right about now I'm going to venture into some judgment of these folks simply by the way they are going about proudly advertising their more gooder lifestyle:

"I'm wearing my mask to protect you and me from 1000 miles away!"

That fellow wasn't the only out-of-stater weighing in with persuasive attempts on local news posts. I had engaged with a nice-enough but subtley self-righteous woman who was blatantly equating wearing a mask with being a more caring person (covered that already) than those who don't. I will say that if I hear too much more of that approach, they're right. I won't care about them. Just like I took the ND Care 19 track your ass app off of my phone after the State Health Department kept posting lockstep disinfectant! masks make you a hero! crap on their Facebook page, I truly will give up the last two bits of caring I have managed to hold onto these last five months and say yes, I no longer care.

At some point, in agreeing with the above mentioned Peter, she noted in agreement with his approach that where she lived in the Twin Cities she had seen some succ—


Just stop.

Large chunks of Minneapolis are still a smoking heap. The police department is in chaos. They have at least one neighborhood where the liberal guilt-ridden refuse to call the police so the homeless set up a camp in their park and a teenager was promptly raped. The state of Minnesota had one of the highest death percentages attributed to nursing home spread during the pandemic. Pardon me if I don't take my cues on how to be a good citizen from you, ma'am.

In fact, pardon me if I don't take the advice of anyone from NYC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, anywhere there's a statue apparently, Chicago, Washington D.C., St. Louis, fill-in-the-blank, let criminals loose but arrest pastors, fine barbershops for opening but let Joe Homeless take a massive dump on the street, on how we ought to be living more better up here in the Dakotas.

Your city is on fire. The homeless have taken over. You have hardly any unshattered plate glass left in your downtown. Keep your advice, thanks.

Then there's this:

Well, at least he's honest that he doesn't understand. I mean, he doesn't. Too bad he goes from admitting there are people and cultures he doesn't understand immediately into admitting he doesn't respect what he doesn't understand. My goodness. How evolved.

Thankfully I've never needed Tom Hanks' respect to make it through life. Does he really think people who don't wear masks don't wash hands? 

Fortunately, someone fixed it:

You guys, stop letting people far removed from you control you or how you think, whether that's foolish celebrities or corporations making decisions in headquarters geographically removed or people from across the country popping up on social media to do a little coercive posting to make it seem like where you live, people think like they do.

Do you realize how much interaction you have on social media on local matters that aren't from people who even live here? Why should we care what they think? They don't vote here. They don't live here. Look at the profiles of people posting stupid things, at least, and see where they are from. Ask them why they are posting their demands on how life should be lived in North Dakota when they don't live here. 

In Star Trek, the Prime Directive was the rule that you didn't interfere with a culture which was generally less technologically advanced. North Dakota is actually pretty technologically advanced, but I suspect these kinds of people have this opinion that they, from their cities or positions of power, are the more advanced and therefore, have the right to meddle in the lives of dumb NoDaks. You know, because all we do is wave guns and Bibles and curse the gubmint and whatever else, incapable of stringing together a coherent thought but magically able to provide massive amounts of food for their gullet.

I mean, we see it in this state every election, some out-of-state group with tons of leftist money funds some petition drive to get something sneaky on the ballot which is one of many ways they get their tentacles into a state they have zero other claim to. [Every petition you're asked to sign, just refuse. Go look it up online for yourself. Probably a 99% chance it's out-of-state money behind it because that's been the pattern in recent years.]

So here they are, in the feeling of being more advanced, yet they can't keep the Prime Directive. They can't abide by state's rights. They gotta save people from themselves. They must, in whatever way possible, interfere. Every place must be like the place they live in. Every person must be hemmed in, in the way they deem right. They must seek out new worlds to destroy with antifa, anti-law and order, socially and morally bankrupt laws that don't fit with the culture of the place, and the like. Until the world has become a complete toilet and bland same culture, they can't rest. 

So we get what we see here. And for too long, we've allowed celebrities, sports stars, mobs, woke corporations, and others worm into our brains and tell us how we ought to be. 

You know, I'm going to take a hard pass on that.


UPDATE JULY 13, 2020:

Here's another good one. Linda from Massachusetts has an opinion for North Dakota.


  1. "In fact, pardon me if I don't take the advice of anyone from NYC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, anywhere there's a statue apparently, Chicago, Washington D.C., St. Louis, fill-in-the-blank, let criminals loose but arrest pastors, fine barbershops for opening but let Joe Homeless take a massive dump on the street, on how we ought to be living more better up here in the Dakotas."

    I've encountered, online, a useful term for this condition: "anarchotyranny." It's where our betters-in-office use the nihilists as a sort of goon squad to intimidate/terrorize the normal people, while state power is unleashed freely and unmercifully on recalcitrant normals, such as the pastors and the barbers.

    And, while I would tend to expect "my" state (Indiana) to be the last one anyone comes to, I see what you mean about North Dakota. I happened to watch an episode of "Dirty Jobs" the other day, in which Mike Rowe participated in the topping-out of a radio antenna tower of absolutely terrifying height in North Dakota (don't remember just where in ND). Not an especially dirty job, but a vertiginous one, for sure. And, unless I misunderstood the material surrounding the tower work, the completion of that job meant that Mr. Rowe had done things in all fifty states. So, I guess you guys were the last he came to. If it makes you feel any better, I certainly don't remember seeing what he did in Indiana, but I can imagine some possibilities. We have sewers aplenty, and the opportunities for castrating hogs would be numerous, too.

    1. North Dakota is almost always last when people take aim for the 50 states. Sigh.

      With the outmigration from smoldering cities right now, I guess I'm OK with that.


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