"People are inherently nasty cesspools."

One reason I was told why we should wear masks from here on out in some situations.

My fear with masks is not just the sheer ineffectiveness and how we magically went from "they don't work don't wear them" to punitive enforcement the moment you leave the house. It's not even the supposedly temporary infringement on liberty, with masks being but one component of months of little dictators hammering down on their citizens.

No, it's the aftermath.

"From here on out, you watch. We'll be pressured to wear masks, and see them, every fall when the flu starts up," I said to a friend. "Corporations will cave to the loudest and most fearful whiners."

This mask thing isn't going away, because it's part of a changed mindset of a broad swath of our population who have come to see people as being dirty, disease-ridden, and dangerous. For over half a year, all they've had shoved in their face was viral infection and impending death even with a trip to the gas station. Family reunions and weddings and funerals and amusement parks have been demonized. Governors have wagged their finger and scolded people for going to a family reunion. Media repeatedly highlights the bizarre fringe stories of people with worst-case-scenario experiences (amputations! brain damage! fried lungs!) with the virus instead of noting how rare but strange things can happen with any virus or bacterial infection. They refuse to cover the stories of anyone who barely knew they had it or recovered after what was similar to a bad case of the flu. There is no perspective, because there seems to be a reset of how people view other humans, immunity, social closeness, travel, and more. 

In a post about an airline requiring masks in order to fly, the screenshots below were part of the conversation. Watch for the following:
  1. People are disease-ridden, and from now on we should protect ourselves from other people.
  2. Can't you just follow the rules we're told to follow?
  3. It's only temporary until a vaccine. After that, then you can make your own choice. But not until there's a vaccine.
  4. People who don't wear masks deserve to die.
  5. We only have to obey these suspect rules for a little while. When this is all over, they'll go away (even though no one has agreed on when it's actually over).

"People are inherently nasty cesspools."

"Better to flow with the tide than lose your place in line."

"Rules are rules! I only wear a mask when required."

"You only have to wear a mask until the vaccine is here."

"Non-maskers will get theirs before this is over."

None of those kinds of comments will be found as the core of anything good in history. None touch on the bravery and reality of a human being with an ability to make choices whose body was made with a powerful immune system if given a healthy chance. None talk about getting healthy, but instead are about vaccine, barriers, chemical disinfectants, and separation as the only way to not get sick and die, as if sickness and death could ever be avoided by anyone. They are completely convinced of the public health approach, which is anything but healthy and all about the lowest common denominator.

No, those are all the sentiments of a pragmatic person who is either fearful, has a low opinion of God's imagers (people), or is more concerned with keeping their place in line instead of losing out on...I don't know what. They are also disgusting in how gleeful they are in the hopes that anyone pushing back against the craziness going on will get sick and die, as if that proves or changes anything in the message, as if only ignorance could be the foundation for suggesting we rethink our approach on mandates and lockdowns.

It is curious to me how so many say this is only for a time until "the danger" is over but, as you can see here, it's not exactly clear when that danger will be over because people have a very different understanding of what the danger is, and when it would be over. Has any government official or corporation really said what their barometer is for ending the nonsense? When you ask people when they'll stop wearing a mask or when they'll stop social distancing, how often is the answer "when they tell me to?" Or they say "when there's a vaccine" or "proper treatment."

The decision isn't theirs, but someone telling them when.

Does that give anyone pause to think?

This is not saying influenza and coronaviruses are the same. It's looking at data and mortality.

We have a flu vaccine that doesn't work reliably. We have two very good treatments for people with COVID-19 when caught early, despite the media's aggressive action to denounce them (HCQ+Zinc+Zpack or Budesonide). Doctors are using them with great success. There is already good treatment. It will get better if doctors are allowed to instead of having politicians pressure pharmacies into denying filling these prescriptions.

But still we are given other reasons to be good citizens and keep on obeying.

I won't lie. There's not a single person in that comment conversation defending masks that I want to believe are part of a free-thinking citizenry living in liberty instead of fear.

This is a virus with a very low mortality rate. Depending on demographic, it's less than the flu. Nursing homes have been the source of devestation, which is why some nursing homes, such as the one in Texas, took an active approach using the much maligned-by-the-press hydroxychloroquine approach and prevented the carnage. H1N1 was more deadly to children and youth; go look at the data. We didn't shut down schools, even as significant numbers of children died from the flu just a few years ago.

From the Pragmatic Constitutionalist

But after half a year of screwing with our mind via repetition, insistence, and twisted out-of-context data, we have significant portions of this nation's population who will NEVER got back to normal. It's not enough to tell them they probably won't die. They now have to avoid ever being sick.

Never mind the obvious silence of how the riots and protests correspond with the case spikes, not the gradual reopenings. Never mind that cases went up, and continue to climb, after mask mandates. Never mind that leaders who make the lockdown and mask mandates aren't following them themselves. Never mind that despite the supposed efficacy of masks, prisoners were let out of prisons instead of using the supposedly all-effective mask. Never mind some studies that show masks might increase infection or illness spread. Never mind the abject misues, over-touching, and likely wider spread of fluids from sloppy mask use and disposal. Over and over we see some strange incongruencies. Past studies that showed colds (i.e. coronaviruses) and flu were not stopped with masks. Study after study call mask efficacy into question. Surgeons and doctors who explain why they wear masks and why masks don't really do much to stop transmission, but are used in a surgical arena for different reasons, are dismissed as hacks or know-nothings to ignore.

There are so many things to consider, but instead, we get what we have in those comments. Look at those comments. Let's require masks on airplanes all the time. Just follow the rules so you don't lose your place in line. People are dirty and disease-ridden. If you don't comply, you deserve to die.

We will never get through a flu season or anything ever again, thanks to how public health and government and corporate leaders used every manipulative trick in the book to get people to comply with what they deemed to be right behavior. So much intent was put into how to get everyone to do as asked, using every media outlet, every celebrity, every pressure point, every last ounce of visual and emotional push available, that little thought was given to how that would permanently change the psyche of vast amounts of people.

I am very glad Jesus didn't think that people were nasty cesspools, that he refused to be around them or break bread with them. The last thing we need in an increasingly isolated world where people spend their time online instead of with actual people is to make people afraid of being around other people unless we wrap our faces up so we are completely dehumanized, unable to identify the person or even see if they're smiling.

You know. Because safety.

UPDATE JULY 26, 2020: A woman commented on this post on social media, noting how her 83-year-old mother was so disgusted by what was going on, and that we were being trained to see other human beings as "nothing more than a walking virus."

Environmentalists have trained people to see human beings as the "human virus" killing the planet, and now public "health" officials have trained us to see each other as monstrous viral death traps. Avoid, isolate, distance, and reject contact if you want to live. Cover half of our faces so we can't see vital expressions when communicating if you want to live.

God is clear that human beings were the pinnacle of his creation. We're his imagers. Anyone who gets you to view human beings like this is evil.


  1. They're right, in a limited way. I don't wear a mask, and I do indeed deserve to die.

    But for, uhhh, different reasons.

    It's not all bad, though. Sure, I deserve not only death, but Hell. However, I have reason to hope for much better than I deserve. I know that my Redeemer lives.

    Meanwhile, I picked up a couple of things in Walmart this afternoon. This required only the magic words: "medical exemption." The somewhat-male Karen who was parked at the door and barked at me about my alleged need for a mask wasn't happy, but he must have had the training: to inquire into my private medical information would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. It wasn't even a fib. Putting on a Pod People mask would enrage me. And obviously, being enraged is bad for one's health in any number of ways. I would guess that some of the Borg were glaring at me, but I didn't notice. I'm sort of oblivious, and subtlety is wasted on the likes of me. I hope none of my fellow citizens will be overly disappointed if I don't die of the Kung Flu. In return, I won't complain if I do.

    1. I won't complain if I die from it, either. No siree. The joke won't be on me.


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