It's OK to be a sheep with the right shepherd

A while ago, I wrote about the strange prevelance of sheep and shepherd motifs that were popping up for me recently.

We hear the term "sheeple" a lot, and I try not to use it because though I know what is being meant, the truth is that Jesus referred to people as sheep for a reason! We are all sheep. It isn't a question of if you're being led somewhere, it's a question of who or what is doing the leading. There was never more a sheep than the person who thinks they aren't following someone or something, the person who thinks they make themselves unique in thought or outward appearance and end up being like everyone else.

This year has been a time of confusion and deception like none other I've seen. It's been building, but it was this year that I sat back in almost awe at the blindness and deception and fear coursing through the nation's veins. While I think people ought to open their eyes by doing something as simple as looking at the data and information available instead of looking at the people assuring them that they are interpreting the data correctly for them, I know they cannot really open their spiritual eyes without Jesus. The Bible is very clear that without Christ, people are in darkness. They can't see the truth because they don't follow The Truth. 

I don't want to be the person who believes "I am fully awake and eyes wide open" because that is exactly when you're going to have your knees cut out from under you by a deception you didn't see coming.

This leads me to the Qanon movement, and similar things in which the New World Order and/or Deep State is being exposed. J. D. Farag, pastor at Calvary Chapel in Hawaii, did a recent sermon on the potential dangers of the Qanon movement.

I haven't followed the whole Qanon thing super closely, though I'm aware of it and have read some of the Q posts and such, and could give a vague overview on what it is and what the claims are. I find it really complicated and confusing, so while I often thought "that's interesting" when reading it, I can't say I was a diehard. And, as Farag points out, there were moments where I felt discomfort in my spirit about some of it. "The Great Awakening" concept, for one, which doesn't sit well with what the Bible says is coming. We're told there's a great deception coming, not an awakening. Plus, I'd noticed some of the proponents, though many claim to be Christians, were also promoting New Age concepts. Just in general, I was uncomfortable. I didn't know why, but it didn't sit right. Farag's video does a good job nailing those concerns I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Q is not my savior. Jesus is. Q isn't going to set things right. Jesus did and will. We aren't headed towards a great awakening, but a great deception. Where we go one we go all is nothing I can line up with unless Jesus is the leader.

I'm not here to bash people who follow it, though, because everyone without Jesus is deceived at some point. Sometimes we're completely led off the edge knowing that it's happening but unable to stop ourselves because we yoked ourselves to a wrong cause.

I'm not a joiner of political parties or movements, because I don't want to have allegiance that forces me to do things that Jesus wouldn't want, whether that force is by mere peer pressure and fear of losing my position of power, or actual force. In for a penny, in for a pound, is how it ends up. "I've committed this far, might as well stick with it" you might say as you work your way up the levels or get a reputation in a movement. It takes a strong person to say "I've been wrong, I'm walking away" and handle the aftermath.

But let's get back to sheeple.

The idea is that sheeple are stupid people who unthinkingly follow.

I don't like the word "sheeple" because it was originally used as a derogatory term for believers in Christ by a New Age conspiracy theorist. As frustrated as I become with people right now, during this pandemic, for simply refusing to look at numbers and consider studies and statements by scientists who have something different to say, I don't want to call them sheeple.

They're scared. They are listening to a limited number of information sources. They see the crowd around them doing a certain behavior. They're lashing out and trying to control their fear and anxiety by trying to control others. The manipulation, for some, stems from trying to find something or someone to control because their lives and routines are out of control. I get it.

If you've ever taken care of sheep, you know they are easily startled and scared. They follow a leader. They don't like fast moving water. They can be very frustrating and difficult to control. They are truly the most excellent comparison to human beings and Jesus was not wrong in using it. Even the person who believes they are truly an independent thinker, serving no one, can't get away from the truth that even Bob Dylan sang about: We all serve someone (or something). It's simply a matter of understanding that, and then acknowledging who or what we serve.

The Bible tells us that without Jesus, we're blind. Period. I can't stay angry with people for this. I can't force them to see. Even people who claim to be believers have reverted to a fearful state during this strange year. That's not how Jesus' flock ought to be with him as our Good Shepherd, but it is a very human.

Don't want to be a sheep?

If you're not a sheep, you're a goat (Matthew 25:31-46). No, you're not the Greatest Of All Time, though oddly, it's a fitting assumption for a goat. Instead, you are going to separated from Christ.

All I want to say is that the enemy is very good at deceiving. The Great Deception will be so good that many are going to willingly flock to it. The blatant evil that we see being revealed right now might be the false flag, while the solution might be the deception.

Just be careful.

Get in the Word of God. Always pray for wisdom and discernment each day, and throughout the day. Whenever you're confronted with some new information that fits what you want to believe, ask God to show you what's what.

Sheep should know their shepherd's voice, so be aware of whose voice you listen to the most. Because that's the one that you'll follow.


  1. Good thoughts. I have raised sheep for nearly 3 decades. (Not currently). You are so right about people being similar to sheep. To label people sheep as an insult is ironic. Sheep are creatures that are a bundle of desires and fears.

    Just like humans. Jesus didn't condemn them nor mock them. He shephered them, loved them and gave his life for them. He addressed their fears and desires.

    Covid pandemic exposes the real character of a person. Without a true shepherd, humans will follow false shepherds to destruction. Jesus spoke about this in the gospel of John.

    Thanks for encouraging us to measure our lives by the giver of life. Jesus said ' I have come that you might have life, life more abundant'.


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