There must be 10 ways to convince your family member

There must be 50 ways to leave your lover, the old song goes, and thanks to a document that surfaced online, there are ate least ten ways to convince your lover (or friend, or family member, or community, or random person you wish to control) to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here's a screenshot of the study linked above.

Essentially, this study is proposing to test different ways to convince people to get a vaccine if they were otherwise disinclined to do so. Because who doesn't like to go to their doctor and have a good mind screw?

Using different control groups, a different message was used to see which message was the most effective to get people to take the Covid-19 vaccine. The tested message approaches are attempting to engage the following emotional responses:

  • personal freedom
  • economic freedom
  • self-interest
  • community interest
  • economic benefit
  • guilt
  • embarrassment
  • anger
  • trust in science
  • bravery

Missing is any sense of offering the vaccine, answer direct questions, and letting the person decide for themselves without any arm twisting.

So, have a look, and then memorize this because you are going to see some of this used in the future. Some of it is already being used now to get people to comply with mask mandates and not fuss too much about lockdowns. If you've been reading my pandemic blog posts over the months, you can see some of these messaging approaches already at work.

I've added the implication that's at work. Please note that the overall implication is: you must take the COVID-19 vaccine or life as we knew it in 2019 can never return.

Message: Talk about how COVID-19 is limiting your personal freedom, and that if we all work together to make sure everyone is vaccinated, society can preserve its personal freedom.

This implies that we cannot have personal freedom unless we all give up some of it to take a vaccine we may not want.

Message: Talk about how COVID-19 is limiting our economic freedom and that if we get enough people vaccinated, society can preserve its economic freedom.

This implies that we cannot have economic freedom without pressuring people to do something they may not want to do.

Message: Tell people that COVID-19 presents a real danger to their health, even if you are young and healthy. Getting the vaccine is the best way to keep from getting sick.

This completely ignores the actual data on mortality rate, and it implies that health comes through vaccines and not healthy living and boosting our natural immune systems.

Message: Tell people about the dangers of COVID-19 to the health of the people they love. Let them know that the more people are vaccinated, the less chance their loved ones will get sick. Society must work together to get everyone vaccinated.

This is extremely vile and manipulative, and implies that those who don't get vaccinated may be blamed if someone they loved dies after being around them.

Message: Tell people how COVID-19 is destroying the economy and that the only way to get our good economy back is to work together to make sure enough people ar vaccinated.

No virus destroys an economy; only the mandates, lockdowns, and extreme measures do that. Our economy isn't destoroyed because of a virus, but because of political games.

Message: Tell people how COVID-19 is a danger to the health of their family and community, and that the best way to protect them is by personally getting vaccinated and working together to get enough people vaccinated. Then ask the participant to imagine the guilt they'll feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease.

That's evil. You don't need me to explain.

Message: Tell people how COVID-19 is a danger to the health of their family and community, and that the best way to protect them is by personally getting vaccinated and working together to get enough people vaccinated. Then ask the participant to imagine how embarrassed they'll feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease.

We used to talk to kids in school about resisting peer pressure and not caving to the crowd out of embarrassment. But here we are, using that approach to get people to take a vaccine they may otherwise not want to for very good reasons. This is reinforcing the idea that people are dirty disease spreaders and should be embarrassed by that.

Message: Tell people how COVID-19 is a danger to the health of their family and community, and that the best way to protect them is by personally getting vaccinated and working together to get enough people vaccinated. Then ask the participant to imagine how angry they'll feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease.

This is the third in this form of message, in which they are testing to see if people respond better to guilt, embarrassment, or anger.

Message: Tell people that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way of protecting your community, and that vaccination is backed by science. If you don't get vaccinated, it means you don't understand how infections are spread or who ignores science.

In my many years of content marketing, we used "backed by science" in a lot of headlines because it hooked a lot of suckers. "How to get more clicks, backed by science" or "which color will draw attention to your CTA button, backed by science," for example, followed by some mumbo jumbo and links to out-of-context random studies and white papers that few readers would actually read but assumed you did. If you put "backed by science" in the title, people just took your word for it.

This message is clearly saying "only ignorant dummies won't get this" and that's not at all true. When you have people wearing masks while jogging out in the sun, you have people who don't understand science. Yet they are held up as the ones who are doing it right.

The reality is, I know how infections are spread at a layman's level, and how good hygiene, indoor sanitation, healthy food, exercise, sunlight, and plenty of water and rest do more to help my body fight off an infection of this nature than masks and vaccines. Remember, public health isn't exactly your friend. They have a profit and control motive that you, as an individual, don't take into account when evaluating your own health decisions.

Message: Tell how firefighters, doctors, and front line medical workers are brave. Then tell them that those who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine are not brave.

Notice they did not list police in their list. That is telling in this day and age. Police are definitely more frontline than firefighters, exposed to far more of this than most non-EMT firefighters. So there's that.

What this is, is an attempt at shame through comparison to heroes. "The heroes do X. Why can't you?" What's worse is when these people in positions of authority or help buy into it, and start throwing their weight around and pressuring people as if they believe the PR. I've seen way too many nurses do this on social media this year, assuming that because they are a nurse, they say things that trump non-nurses no matter what they say. If we are praising certain people some of those people are bound to climb up on that pedestal and fight to stay there.


Please note that all of these are coersive. They are aware there is vaccine hesitancy with this rushed vaccine, and instead of simply offering it plainly with actual facts and data surrounding its efficacy, they are already prepping to use mental and emotional coercion to get hesitant people to line up for the vaccine.

Remember, some of the vaccines being developed have harmed, sickened, or maybe even killed test participants. Some haven't been used in a legitimate broad swath of people that would reflect average impact in their testing phase. Some of the key players in promoting the lockdowns have financial stake in the success of the vaccines. There are less expensive medicines and techniques that can be used therapeutically. And yes, you will likely survive COVID-19 and have immunity afterwards. The data -- the science! -- tells us that.

Please review the study linked to at the start of this post. Review these messages that are being tested on groups of people. Prepare yourself for this kind of coercive pressure in the future when the vaccine comes out and at least come to your own decision on the vaccine after careful review of data on the virus and the vaccine. Don't come to your decision because of emotional manipulation such as this.


UPDATE AUGUST 8, 2020: Bismarck mayor Bakken made the following statement after rising cases in Burleigh county. See if you can recognize the message being used to get people to comply.

UPDATE: August 10, 2020

So these arguments have already become common online, but I thought I'd share a few as I grab screenshots. See if you recognize the arguments based on the above list.

Here's another:

Later, at a press conference, Governor Burgum blatantly used one of these attempts regarding mask use. Remember, in May he had called on people not to mask shame, but here he was, during a press conference, feeding the monster to pressure and shame those who didn't wear a mask as "not doing their part." He used this to launch a gross masking campaign, paid for by taxpayer dollars, to convince people to use masks.

UPDATE: August 12, 2020

The taxpayer-funded state government continues with their abhorrent masking campaign, blatantly using emotionally manipulative language as discussed in the post to do the work.

Now that North Dakota is part of a pilot program for the barely-tested vaccine, watch. This messaging will be used to get people to take the vaccine. LEARN TO IDENTIFY THIS KIND OF MESSAGING FOR WHAT IT IS.

UPDATE October 18, 2020: Here it is, the ND DOH monitoring social media talk to watch out for "vaccine hesitancy" and, no doubt, use the very tools they'v used with masks to get people to take the vaccine. Take note that the state has the tools to monitor social media to look for that hesitancy. How does that make you feel?


  1. I guess my general response to all those official manipulations that are being focus-grouped is something like: "If all you Goodthinkers get vaccinated, then you'll no longer have anything to fear from dirty ol' me. And if a recalcitrant Badthinker like me refuses to be vaccinated, then we'll get sick and undoubtedly die in agony, and we'll deserve it, and that will give you plenty of righteous Goodthinker satisfaction. So, you see, I'll actually be serving you. No need to thank me, though. Don't mention it."

    When I read your post's title, I immediately (and erroneously) thought of my recent correspondence with my three-years-older sister, an unbeliever who lives in a really big city in Texas. She is, of course, a major masker. She had recently written a bit of goodthink to me in hit-and-run style, and I responded that I didn't think it wise to share my thoughts with her, as I knew they would bring her no joy. (I've ridden a few turns on this carousel already.) Replied she: oh, no, please tell me what you're thinking; I'm interested; I can take it. This was in the context of my having resigned from my now-former church, and being unchurched for the foreseeable future, over the churches' closure far beyond the Guv's "orders," their sickening deference to the decrees of Caesar, and the dismal resumption of worship services: crime-scene tape on every other pew, maskies required, no singing, no talking, no touching, and no end in sight. The new normal, don'tcha know.

    I sighed, and spent an hour writing at length, inserting the current-as-of-last-week "cases" vs. deaths plots from official sources, showing "cases" going way up while deaths continued to piddle along in the mud down at the bottom of the plot. Good news, it's a picture of developing herd immunity, but we're all strangely resentful of good news. After a few days of radio silence, yesterday she wrote, in part:

    "I’ve been thinking about this for days now, trying to work out exactly what the issue is. I’m too lazy to research statistics or try to evaluate your sources and really feel no need to do so, because the evidence in right in front of me. I know people in who work in hospitals around here and have no reason not to believe what they tell me about the situation they face on a daily basis.

    I can say that from my association with people who are committed Christians, it seems to me that a church is an entirely social thing, organized so that people of similar beliefs can reinforce commonly held standards of behavior, impose some kind of order on a chaotic world, and try to deal with their overwhelming fear of death. Worthy goals that keep the world from flying apart."

    So. She's proud of relying on anecdote, instead of those, you know, icky numbers ... and then my non-Christian sister condescends to heathen-splain to me the true nature and purpose of the Christian church. And why not? After all, she works with a Southern Baptist or two. I was kind of surprised that the word "crutch" didn't accompany her explanation of Christian faith as a pathetic way of dealing with our overwhelming fear of death. Well, projection ... she's the one with a perpetual face diaper, not me.

    I won't be replying to that one, as absolutely nothing good can come of doing so, as far as I can see. And I'd much rather convince her, in some form or fashion, than demonstrate that I'm right; her eternal destiny's at stake. I'm a long way from being in control of that, but I can certainly swallow some gratuitous condescension in the hope of influencing, to some tiny degree, the outcome. My other cheek is turned.

    1. This makes me rather sad. Your's is not the only story I've heard of (or mildly experienced) in which this pandemic and all it's fearful trappings are dividing families, friends, churches -- the whole lot. I know of three people who have left their church over either the pandemic items you've explained, or others because of capitulation to BLM from the pulpit. I have a post tomorrow that talks about this from one family's perspective.

      I think this statement is going to be said by more and more: "my having resigned from my now-former church, and being unchurched for the foreseeable future" and while I'm unchurched for different reasons right now...this is a sad thing.

      2020 has proven to be a year of shaking, like a sifter.

      Probably wise not to respond to that email.


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