We will not comply

I made these into stickers. Go get yours.

Dear City of Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln, Burleigh County, Morton County, and Burleigh-Morton Task Force:

We will not comply.

We know you have probably have marching orders from Governor Doug Burgum to enact a mask mandate. We know his office is probably pressuring you through an unelected task force. He'd probably like you to do it so he doesn't have to get his hands dirty before an election. He probably wants to be able to say "I never mandated anything" and let you be the fall guy. Many of us have been trying to contact his office to no avail for months. He will not listen to the public, whom he is supposed to serve. Instead, he listens to unelected federal health officials who visit our state for a day, as if they should have a say in how North Dakotans choose to live their lives.

Maybe he has told you not to listen to us, either.

But we will not comply.

We are good citizens. We pay taxes, own businesses, work in the community, volunteer, support the community, and care very much about the community.

We will not comply.

If you push a mask mandate through and order citizens and businesses to wear and force the wearing of  masks, you will do so with the optics of us having seen criminals released from jail during this pandemic while we will be targeted with arrest or fines or continued public harassment by others, and denied the ability to go to a store to purchase essential items like groceries. You will put your law enforcement in the awful position of arresting or handing out fines to people who have committed no crime because, despite what people are being led to believe, mandates aren't laws and they cannot be enforced. You will open yourself up to future expensive legal action and lawsuits as bit by bit, mask mandates are failing in court.

You don't answer to the governor. You don't answer to an unelected task force that exists to serve the governor and not the people. You answer to the people who elected you in your city and county. 

We ask that you do not pass a mask mandate. We ask that you let your people, who are the ones who gave you your jobs, make decisions on what's best for themselves in this regard. We ask that you let us have liberty. Telling us that masks are the path to freedom is unacceptable; you were never allowed to take us away from freedom that we might even need a path back.

We won't forget the decision you make. We will not be quiet about it. We will not forget at election time. We won't forget you refused to trust your people to decide for themselves.

And we will not comply.


Julie R. Neidlinger


Back in 2017, I wrote a book about the protest because I love my community. I can do it again and permanently enshrine the names and actions of these politicians and leaders who bowed to a dictatorial governor who chased after numbers and outward appearances of "caring" about the people and their freedom, while behind closed doors rejected concerns from citizens who disagreed with him, instead taking the advice of unelected leaders. I will write about a governor who takes money and whatever else from Bill Gates and the CEO of Abbot, the company getting all the money for the machines and testing the governor continues to push despite the CDC saying people who are not sick should not be tested.

Who profits from the actions being forced on the citizens of this state?

And also, in case it wasn't clear, I won't comply. And I'll write about the who and what of what happens resulting from that.

Each of you can do this. Take photos. Record experiences. Post online. Repeatedly contact leadership. Once will not be enough. They will need a reminder that you're going to fight them.

What can I do?

Citizens, now is your time to put down your Facebook and stop whining about what you can do. North Dakotans MUST wake up and stop being uninterested in what our leaders are doing. 

First, our public health agencies are there to serve us at our leisure. They provide information and services based on what we, the free citizen, desire to receive. Restrictive policies on behavior, with punitive attempts at policing those policies, are not their Constitutional duty. They serve you. That's it. To let appointed and unelected officials punish the free citizen outside the realm of Constitutional law is disgusting.

The leaders that Burgum allows to have a voice are all in agreement with his agenda. I absolutely know of medical professionals that do not agree with what's going on, but won't say anything because they'll lose their jobs. Only those who agree get a place at the table. Don't you wonder why no one with a dissenting opinion is given a chance to speak officially to North Dakotans? And if you think it stops with masks, understand this is how they're working out what to do to get people to comply with a vaccine whether they want it or not. Remember, North Dakota was selected as one of the states where they are figuring out how to disperse it to people. That's the end game. This is all about how you can use power and position and peer pressure and agreeable experts to get what you want.

Now is the time to find out the elected officials of you city, county, and district. You must put aside your desire to avoid confrontation or not seem "nice" and demand that elected leadership hear you. You must be willing to refuse to comply and stop making excuses for why you go along to get along. You must own your state! These people work for you! They are not your CEO or boss! They answer to you!

Now is the time to do the following:

1. Contact.

Contact every person listed here, using the links and information provided on the website, and let them know you do not support a mask mandate. If you would like, you can use the copy of the letter above, and replacy the "we" with "I" and address it to the entity you're contacting. Email or call, or do both. 

Even if you don't live here, you probably visit here. And what is happening here, in the capital, is coming to your area soon. Help stop it here, and send a message. If you live in North Dakota, you should be doing this.

City Commission - City of Mandan, North Dakota

Burleigh County: County Commission
Board of Morton County Commissioners
  • Renae Moch, Public Health Director, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health (bbph@bismarcknd.gov)
  • Erin Ourada, Administrator, Custer Health (eourada@custerhealth.com)
  • Tammy Miller, COO, State of North Dakota
  • Steve Bakken, Mayor, City of Bismarck
  • Cody Schulz, Morton County Commission Chair
  • Vern Dosch, Contact Tracing Administrator, State of North Dakota (vernlynnedosch@hotmail.com)

Contact Gov. Doug Burgum's office regularly. You won't receive much of a reply beyond a form email or voicemail message, but you are giving them a sense of what's going on in the public. Let them know you don't want mask mandates, you don't want this continued push for testing, wasteful spending for coercive ad campaigns, and any vaccine sandbox for getting people in this state to take medical steps they do not want to take.

Contact your district representative and ask when they will do something to remove Gov. Doug Burgum's emergency powers and strip him of the actions he's taking without any citizen feedback or elected mandate. Ask if they're just going to let us sit until January when session starts when other states have called sessions just to stop a dictatorial governor. You can use this site and this site to determine your district and get contact info if you're not sure of your district.

2. Show up.

Show up at the meetings. These are listed on the sites above. Additionally, parents, you MUST start becoming active and vocal with your school boards and also SHOW UP at the meetings. Share your child's story. Be armed with facts. Prepare a statement ahead of time and be ready to speak.

I was a reporter for several years, and part of my job was to sit through all of the city, county, and school board meetings. I can tell you that the presence of the people who are being affected by the decisions these boards make has a DEFINITE impact on what they do. Your presence is now required. Being a passive citizen is over. GET TO THE MEETINGS. No excuses!

3. Vote.

Stop voting for these people, including Gov. Doug Burgum. If you must, write down the names of everyone who pushed mandates through so that you remember it come election day.

Do a write in. Don't forget to fill in the circle!

An even more crucial part of voting is being informed. Don't show up at election day without knowing what/who is on the ballot and what they stand for.

4. Join.

There are several online community groups of people concerned about mandates and freedoms. North Dakota Freedom Defenders is a good one. Join them. Get connected. Find others who are with you. And get organized to push back.

5. Spread the word.

Grab some graphics to post online. Use the hashtag #WiseUpND to combat what the governor is pushing. Put signs in your yard (I Will Not Comply, or Don't Tread On Me, are always good). Get some posters to hand out or hang up. Get a T-shirt to wear that states your liberty-loving proclivities.

It is not enough to whine and fret on social media. You MUST be an active citizen.

When we all speak, refuse to comply, and push back, we give courage to those who didn't think they could do it. North Dakota, stand up and speak. Put your leaders on the hot seat and take notes on what they do. Election day is coming.

And we will not comply.


UPDATE SEPT 8 2020: Please read what Rick Becker wrote to the city/county commisisons. It is a MUST read, folks.


  1. Many of us are waking up to the reality all around us. Having this practical information about what steps to take, and to remember we the people have to call the shots is priceless! Thank you Julie God bless you.


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