Presentation to the Bismarck City Commission regarding mask mandates

This is the presentation I gave last night to the Bismarck City Commission. I also had a handout that I gave each of them.


My name is Julie Neidlinger. I am a resident of the city of Bismarck. I work as a professional freelance writer and researcher.

In 2017 I wrote a 500 page book about the pipeline protest in order to give citizens, business owners, and law enforcement in this community a chance to have their voices heard. I gathered about 40,000 pieces of documentation and research over a year and a half for one reason: I care about this community. 

Using the same research approach, I can confidently tell you the general mask question is not settled science, and that the data clearly says mask mandates don’t work. You can see that in the handouts I provided you.

So here I am, a good citizen, a taxpayer. Someone who cares about her community. Someone who is a rule follower.

But with mask mandates, I’ll be the bad guy.

I will not be wearing a mask. I will not comply.

I’m not a bad Christian. I’m not heartless. I’m not selfish. I’m not ignorant. I’m not to blame for anyone’s death. I’m not holding back the economy or stopping schools from opening.  I’m not all the bad things the expensive marketing campaigns have told people of this city to think I am. I’m a good citizen.

And also, I’m not alone.

I’ve heard my elected leaders in this room say a lot of interesting things in recent months. It seems there’s more concern about what others are doing or city liability than the concept of personal liberty. What has been forgotten is that the default state of the American citizen is freedom and liberty. Rarely was that mentioned as a valid concern.

You have very good citizens who will not be complying. Passing a mandate means that you will give people and businesses permission to confront, harass, mock, and forcibly remove us. You are giving businesses, some deemed essential earlier this year, permission to not sell essential goods to us. Based on what I’ve read in the city attorney’s October 26 letter, you will force already struggling businesses to comply or face increasing fines and legal action. 

All of this with no timeline of when you’ll return our freedoms back to us, the rightful owners.

“Just shut up and put on your masks,” you say.

With careful thought and reason, I have chosen not to.

I don’t care what other North Dakota cities have done, what a task force is telling you to do, what Dr. Birx thinks about Bismarck, or the political pressure to “just do something.” This is wrong, it is against personal liberty, and it is a disgrace to the core ideals of the Constitution which you swore to uphold. 

You are public servants. Your job is service, not salvation. You are to let us live freely and make our own decisions. When in doubt in difficult moments like this, you must default to liberty, not mandates and rules that restrict.

Three years ago I wrote and dedicated that protest book to law enforcement and leadership in the community, and now you would make me a target of those very entities. You will have to arrest or fine people like me, the citizens and business owners who care enough to come out tonight and engage the process. 

We’re not your enemies. We’re good people who want to live freely.

Default to liberty. Be a leader of courage. Let each capable free citizen in this city decide for themselves if they want to wear a mask or not. 

Thank you for your time.



  1. Excellent presentation! Did you get any response? If so, what was it?

    I may have already sent a comment very similar to this, on my phone earlier today. If so, well, you know what to do. It didn't seem to me that it "sent."

    1. I got the kind of response regular citizens usually get when they show up to talk to their elected leaders, ha ha.


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