Why fear is the only thing you have to fear

There's nothing like a fearful mob to destroy lots of lives thoughtlessly. 

You don't want to be at a public event when a mob of people gets scared, because they run into walls and trample each other like a bunch of animals. You could hang an "Exit" sign at the edge of the cliff and they'd run over it. 

Fear suppresses careful thought.

Fear is about instinctual response, not thoughtful response. Fear controls people, and is an instrument of control that can be used by others.

And that's what we have before us this year. I know of people who barely leave their house, won't let others come in their house, sanitize everything, and have so strangely isolated themselves that they don't even realize how inward and fearful they've become this year because they're not around any other people to compare their behavior with. They see the media and "experts" and leaders telling them what they're doing and what they've become is "healthy" and "good."

It isn't.

I've seen some family members get snarky with each other. My sister posted something about masks being dehumanizing (which I've also said) and a family member popped out of nowhere, someone we rarely hear from, and said "if you have a ventilator hooked up to you, that's dehumanizing, too." 

That's fear talking.

Most people will not get this current coronavirus.

Most people who do will be fine (96% survival for above 70, about 99% survival for everyone else).

Most people won't go on ventilators, espeically now that better therapeutic treatments and more knowledge of the virus are in place.

But even so. Even if you're all the worst-case scenario stories that the media loves to tell as if they were the norm, so? Will you let your fear rule you? If you're afraid of the virus and get it, you'll be worse off because you've already damaged your body with stress hormones from all the fear.

Despite those extremely good odds, despite questions about the PCR test, its accuracy, testing accuracy in general, reporting of testing results in question, following the money, a divisive election cycle where medicines and health freedom have been politicized to be associated with a particular political party—despite all of that, we have MASSES OF PEOPLE blindly believing everything they've heard on the regular news.

You know how you get people to watch the news?

You make them fearful and feed into panic! People keep coming back for their next hit of bad news. You know this.

Not only do we have governments using millions in taxpayer dollars to fund a Orwellian propaganda campaign for masks in this state, targeting school kids and social media to grind down the resistance of anyone refusing to wear a mask, wearing them down from the daily fight to where pretty soon they don't have the energy to push back and start buying into the "I'll just wear a mask to show people I care" garbage, but we now have educated "trust me I'm an expert" idiots providing "helpful" information on how to go up to people and ask them to wear a mask.

This article is such garbage it's barely worth fisking. "Here's what the experts say" or "For your safety and mine, I would feel more comfortable if we were both wearing masks."

If, in order to feel "safe", you want to wear a face burqa, you go ahead. You want to wrap a cloth petri dish over your breathing apparatus, go ahead. I won't.

Some experts have been ridiculously wrong, and some experts have been silenced because the experts aren't all in agreement. It's the classic "trust the experts but not those experts!" scenario. As I said in a previous blog post, an appeal to authority is a logical fallacy that really doesn't work in a year where the authorities have been taking turns shredding the Constitution.

And at this point, I don't really care if you'd be more comfortable or not. Your safety is your business, mine is mine. If you want to wear a face diaper, go ahead. I won't. Stay out of my business and stay 6-10 feet away (out of punching range) and we're good. You busybodies who think you need to go around and say nasty things to people who aren't wearing masks in stores or out and about, your mumbled snide passive aggressive remarks, some of you are going to confront the wrong person about your comfort level and safety concerns. Some of you are going to get a confrontation you didn't plan on. We've been in this mind-screw for almost a year now and people are on edge. We. Are. Done. With. This.

This isn't a country in Asia. This is the United States of America. I don't care what cultures and countries wear them without thought. We have a different culture here. Bug off.

"But Julie, the experts say to wear a mask! Masks have been proven to work!"


No, they haven't been proven to work for this virus, for how people are wearing them, and for the kinds of masks being used. There is so much information out there that says this!!! I've shared it repeatedly on this blog!

"But we can see the correlation—"

No, that's false too. As much as I wish people understood the difference between correlation and causation, you don't even get to hold onto that weak argument.

Look at the graphs on this page. They show cases and when various measures, such as mask mandates, were put into place. Here are a few, but there are more so do go take a look.

There is ZERO reliable correlation to a reduction in the curve associated with mask mandates. And some of those countries had extremely agressive and punitive mandates (e.g. Philippines), so you can't even blame it on loosey goosey compliance. Some put mask mandates into place when they were already on the way out of the curve (New York).

Rep. Rick Becker made similar charts for North Dakota (and surrounding states MN and MT for comparison, but not SD because Gov. Noem got it right as no other governor in the nation did), because our governor seems to be using such shoddy information to convince people that busy work like task forces and early closings and whatever else is accomplishing something.

Becker points out that tricky thing people aren't picking up on when our leaders point to a chart and say "I announced this plan of action on this day and look, that's where it drops" or "we opened up and the cases began to rise" because by the very words of the experts, there is a two-week chunk of time it would take for the active cases to show up or disappear.

You know what mask mandates and lockdowns and such did? NOTHING. 


The best they did was flatten the curve to prep the hospitals for the bigger inevitable curve, but then they moved the goal posts and made that irrelevant.

How do you feel about that, knowing what it did to jobs and lives and the economy and even relationships? Knowing the suicides, child abuse, domestic abuse, drug/alcohol abuse and such exploded during this time? Knowing that we set kids back probably a whole year in their education and have twisted their understanding of "safety" around viruses and bacteria for the rest of their lives? Knowing we damaged our healthcare system not by being overwhelmed but by being underwhelmed, keeping people home who should have been getting medical care and instead died? Knowing we turned assisted care facilities into solitary confinement and watched our elders wither and die for their own "safety" when we never asked them if they wanted us to do that? Knowing we destroyed the airline industry and sent thousands of pilots into the unemployment line? Knowing that any place that depended upon tourism or the service industry, mostly low-wage workers, were kicked into the soup kitchen line because their jobs went away?



The relational damage is real. I know there are people I watched turn into fearful dwarves of themselves that I don't know if I'll ever look at them the same again. Some people I absolutely lost respect for. They became a very different person. Some people I don't even want to be around because they just went along with the whole pile of slop and would happily do anything the government told them to do without question making them, in my opinion, a dangerous person to have around. They'll narc on you if they're told it's good and caring and right to do so.

The virus grew in the curve it would ultimately grow in. Severe lockedowns flattened the curve a bit (for hosiptal capacity, which was our initial and only goal at first), but eventually, the curve was the curve. Those who would get it will get it. It CANNOT be stopped until it runs out of susceptible hosts. Look at the previous SARS. I heard one doctor describing it as "running into the ocean," or, basically, it went through all the people it could in the populations it was in, and then ran into the sea (i.e. burned through the continent) where there were no more hosts.

We like to think we can control these things but we can't.

We like to think the government can stop this thing, but it can't.

We like to think that lockdowns and masks and awareness will make it go away, but it won't.

We hold out hope that some sketchy RNA vaccine will make it all better, but it won't.

It will go away when it runs through available hosts, and not a bit sooner.

Life has always been a risk! Far too many apparently never realized that until now.

So for some, that lack of control makes them afraid, and they hold onto the idea that some piece of cotton swaddling their face will save them. Too bad no one is asking the people testing positive if they wore masks. Because, as we can see in these charts, a significant number of them did. They had to, and they still got Big Rona.

Masks don't work for stopping this virus. They do work for visually showing the level of fear and compliance in a community.

If you're even remotely curious, it's not hard to find the studies and the experts (if you need experts) explaining why. You can talk to medical professionals who wear them and ask if how we're wearing them (soaked by heavy use, some not washing them regularly, constant touching, storing them in their pocket or placing them on counters, carelessly removing them and putting them on, sneezing into them, no removal of a single mask for an entire work day, not properly fitted, etc etc etc) is really legit. Do you know how many people in the medical field have quietly told me that masks are a joke? I'm always surprised when I hear it, because we're told that the "experts" all fall in line. But they can't say it publicly or they'll lose their job.

You can't even find good correlations to suggest that they work.

If you're being overtaken by fear, get off of the internet and stop reading the news. Take the social media apps off of your phone and tablet and quit looking at that stuff. That will help you immensely. Read your Bible. Go for a walk outside or get some physical exercise of some sort. Do some stretches. Bike rides are great right now. Drink water and work at reducing your stress hormones by relaxing and turning off the worrying machine in your head. Decorate for all the upcoming holidays, and plan to celebrate them as normal because you need to do this for your whole health, and your kids' health. Holidays are how we mark the year, and understand our passage through time. This year has been stripped of that and people are completely lost. Start the path back towards normal behavior right now, such as being around people and going to the grocery store without a mask. YOU WILL NOT DIE.

And then, build a plan when you are hit with information that seems to have the purpose of making you afraid. That's not from God; he's not the author of fear. 

What do I do?

It's out of my control. I'm not going to worry about it. I'll trust God, whatever the outcome will be. And I will always default to "stasis" when there's high pressure to adopt scary ideas. That is, when someone is pressuring me with, oh I don't know, a state-sponsored campaign to comply or die, I remain in my normal state until/unless I have the time to do research to see if that's justified.

See, that's the trick. You can get a herd worked up quickly if you don't give them room to think. Bombard them constantly with noise and bad news after bad news without any context or good news, and they can't get away to a quiet place to think about whether or not they should do the thing.

Remove yourself. Calm yourself. Think for yourself. Pray.

Don't be fooled by people who would tell you that you aren't taking things seriously simply because, after much thought, you didn't go with the program demanded of you. You are taking it very seriously because you took the time to think for yourself.

The reason I am distancing myself from fearful people includes all I've mentioned previously, but also, because fear is contagious. It's far more contagious than a fat-covered RNA protein from China. Eight months in, I cannot be around the fearful anymore, because they are killers in their own right.

"Julie, you should show compassion."

You won't listen to reason or the facts right in front of you. Your fear is contagious. I don't want it. I will seek out people who aren't afraid at this point, for my own health.

The only thing you have to fear truly is fear itself. That's no joke. You're infecting the minds of your children and those you love with an irrational fear in a way that is permanent. You're changing how people think about other people, instilling paranoia that human beings are dirty and dangerous instead of where you can be loved and touched and find connection. 

Your fear is killing you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Even a virus can't do that.