Are North Dakota's positive cases actually positives?

First, here is a link to a PDF which I will be basing this blog post off of. Please do read it in full! I did not write the PDF or collect this information. The author is noted at the end of the PDF. As with so many things this year, I am proud of all of the citizens who have come forward, even anonymously, to point to information, provide information, or look for information, to shine light on what is going on.


People have been questioning the validity of the test used to determine positive cases. This matters, because the positive cases have been the impetus for shutting down businesses, forcing people to wear masks or receive punishment, keeping kids out of school, and so forth.

What if the positive cases which has made North Dakota so famous weren't actually based on reliable data?

First, let's start with the PCR test, whose own creator wasn't keen on it being used as we are using it.

If you don't like that link, here is a YouTube video in which the lead research and development director from the Human Genome Project discusses the real and serious problems with using the PCR test as we are.

This article also explains what's going on, with a few videos.

In the PDF, the author explains the PCR test in summary, how it works, and the importance of knowing how many cycles the test is being run:

Our own experts here in ND and even Dr. Fauci agree 30-35 cycles is too high, and at the very least, pushing the limit of accuracy.

Every time you run a cycle, you exponentially magnify viral bits. The more you do it, the more a tiny bit looks like something valid, the more likely you're finding junk and registering it as the virus. It's kind of like an unattractive person at the bar. The more you drink, the prettier they look. Drink enough, everyone is a super model. We're basically taking the beer goggles approach to our tests to determine our state's response to a pandemic.

So how many cycles is the state of North Dakota running?

We don't know.

They won't tell us.

I know of several people who have repeatedly over and over ad naseum attempted to get that information out of the state and the most they are told is "we're following the directions on the test box."

"Hey, my car's airbag just exploded in my driveway? What gives?"

"We're just following the instructions from the manufacturer."

"Hey, my Samsung phone just started my airplane seat on fire. What gives?"

"We're just following the instructions from the manufacturer."

As the author notes in the PDF, wouldn't it be really convenient for the testing company to recommend high cycles? They certainly seem to be; even our own pro-mask pandemia experts would agree that the test insert recommends something too high as a cut-off point. Because that way you prolong a pandemic crisis and have steady need to be using the tests. No planned obsolescence here! Whee!

Of course, the package insert does say some interesting things, but I guess that we just dismiss, right?

The kind of answer the North Dakota Department of Health is providing is unacceptable. They probably have guys working there who won't ask for directions or read a map when lost while driving in Mogadishu, but are suddenly organizing a Bible study based on the testing package insert. 

It's not a surprising reaction, though, as it's possible there's a gag order. You know, because a lack of transparency has always worked out well for the public.


Nevertheless, despite possible gag orders or a simple unwillingness to own up to the major screwed-up approach for eight months, the author of the PDF found whatever packaging insert he could, to try to guess at the cycles, as noted above. It seems likely that we're running the cycles too high. 

Which means there are a lot of "positive" cases (you know, the magic asymptomatic ones where the person isn't remotely sick and never is, but is a Ms. Selfish Evildeath if they're in the grocery store without a mask?) that aren't really positive in the sense that they're spreading viral material.

"But surely the deaths are higher."

Are they? And are we sure every death that got a positive test result was actually positive? Run that test up to 37! We'll find some Rona in there! We'll get our Rona government payment!

If that's not bad enough, we've taught the public to think of the SARS-Cov2 tests as a pregnancy test. 

Did you test positive?! Did you test negative?! Do we need a corona reveal party?

You either have a bun in the oven or you don't. You can't have a little bit of baby or a whole lot of baby.

It's not like that with this viral test.

It gets better, though. Because why wouldn't it, in 2020.

An insider working with the testing process revealed to the author of the PDF that the results are super suspect and health department workers don't seem too concerned.

"It's not like we're telling someone they have AIDS," the state health workers said. "Granted, our false positives are shuttering businesses and instilling terror and anger in people. But whatevs." (They didn't say that last part, but they must think that way.)

But wait! There's more!

But wait! There's more!

You put your test result in, you take your test result out, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about. What kind of circus is this?

What's really disturbing is the last line. We have medical professionals and state workers who KNOW what is going on, they're scared to lose their job, and in this way, gentle corruption works the gears in this state. As the author of the PDF noted, we need our legislators to give them whistleblower protection so they can honestly talk about tests, masks, hospital capacity, results, treatment protocols, etc. Right now, the only people we're allowed to hear from are those toeing the party line.

Every single stupid horrifying restriction, job loss, marketing-based lobotomy of the public, community division, depression, substance abuse, hopelessness, shut down, anger—every last bit of that is tied to the reality that these tests that are churning out positives. And maybe one machine in the lab is having a jolly good time chucking out high positives for fun and games.

We can't be sure.

Because our state won't tell us.

They just tell us to shut up, mask up, or we'll shut you down.


UPDATE November 14, 2020: This was posted online the day after the state mandate. I'm putting it here to see if this, indeed, is the plan. I want this pre-dated so if this is the governor's plan, you heard it before it goes down and are convinced the mandate did anything.

UPDATE December 14, 2020:

The NDDOH finally put out some information on their test cycles. Guess how many cycles they are using? Between 37-40.

Studies show that anything over 35 has a significant chance (some say 97% chance) of being a false positive. You think about what that meant for our state, the businesses shut down, the restrictions, the kids being kept out of school, the mask mandates—all based on "positive" cases that were running the cycles higher than even Dr. Fauci said was reliable.

You know. Because the manufacturer's guidelines "recommended" that many cycles. Why wouldn't they? That keeps states in perpetual testing since everything is positive!