Be careful when you create a people group with nothing left to lose

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I'm watching politicians, pundits, and corporations gleefully, after four years of continual viciousness towards President Trump and anyone who supported him at any level, mete out punishment.

President Trump and well-known conservatives are being ejected from social media platforms. What "courage" it takes for all of the startup Big Tech companies from social media to payment platforms to pile on and use every last molecule of cancel culture that exists within them to strip everything away from the President and his supporters. 

I, along with many other people who have posted conservative and liberty-minded content on social media, have also felt it. 

At about the same time on January 8, we were "jailed" on Facebook. I wasn't told why. I had barely been posting there in recent months because of a move to MeWe (and other platforms). I never post content with filth or violence or such, mostly memes and conservative/liberty-minded content. But I couldn't comment, share, send a message, moderate a group, and barely manage a page. And it curiously happened all around the same moment for a large number of us, as if Big Tech has been keeping track of people for quite some time and waiting for the right moment to pull the plug when the climate was right.

If you're gleeful this happened, that people whose political and social ideas are different from yours now can't manage their own profiles, photos, groups, or even business pages, know they're keeping track of you. At some point, you will not fit their ideology either, and you will experience this.

Big Tech takes down conservative social alternative Parler, pulling its app from Google and Android, and then Amazon deletes the platform from its servers. Alternative social networks are deluged with people trying to find another way to communicate. If you could have seen me on January 9 as I, along with many others, set up endless alternate communication and networks and email, and coordinated it with family and friends, so we could remain in communication, you may have started to wonder what you'll do when they come for you and their demand is a bridge too far for your sensibilities. Get ready to capitulate, or experience the same. 

I know was immensly glad I grew up in a pre-internet world so I know how to exist without it and know I won't die from lack of internet, and also glad I grew up in a pre-social media internet. But Big Tech is controlling this nation, now, not elected officials. It doesn't matter if we split them up, because they collude. Apple and Google and Amazon are seperate companies, but they all agreed to do this together. They were simply waiting for the moment they were sure they could make their move.

That's where we're at today.

Out of one side of his mouth, Biden calls for unity. Out of the other side, he calls half the nation domestic terrorists.

People who spoke up in support of Trump, based on what I'm seeing in social media threads, are losing contract book deals, have petitions to kick them out of college, are being put on no-fly lists at the request of stewardi who were happily mask gestapo all last year, and so on.

Punish policitians, states, citizens, organizations, churches—anyone you can associate with Trump—and still cry about civility in politics?

Here's the thing: you folks running after this punishment have forgotten that when you take so much away from people they get to a point where they have nothing left to lose.

You do not want that.

People with nothing left to lose are uncontrollable. 

It's the great mistake of power-crazed leaders, thinking that punishment after humiliating punishment will work forever in keeping them subservient. It might for a while, even a long while in some cultures where individualism is frowned on and conformity is idealized, but it never forever.

It is the threat of loss that keeps most people in line. They don't want to lose their job, their business, their reputation, their platform, their income, their autonomy, or their health. When their worst fears are realized (and for many, it was in 2020 as riots and lockdowns destroyed their neighborhoods and livelihoods), they become fearless. Recklessly so.

They have nothing left to lose. Why not go all in? The worst can't happen, because it already did.

Nancy Pelosi, by her continued ridiculous and oddly erratic behavior, and the lapdogs from both parties who want crumbs from the table of power, are unwittingly creating a growing army full of strange bedfellows. Now that they have the position of power and have added Trump supporters to the list of the subjugated, we'll see a strange unity of disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters, minorities, business owners, middle/working class center right/left, and, frankly, the extremes.


Because the elites have all the power now, and there is no way they are going to fulfill the promises they made to the extreme left. Like all pandering politicans who came before them and promised everything in exchange for a vote, they can only create a sense of betrayal.

It's one reason President Trump gathered support from so many walks of life and so many different ideologies and identity groups: he did what he said he was going to do. That alone was shocking to people, and caused them to trust him. And that was shocking to the ruling political class, because it's a no-no to actually do what you say. How dare he set a precedent like that? How dare he give the subdued working schlub class the eye-opening realization that such a thing was possible? How dare he give them a taste of having a political leader who actually wasn't afraid to allow the embarassing non-elite human beings of this country at his rallies and in the people's White House for photo-ops?

That's really what angered the ruling class, you know. You keep the caged animals busy paying bills and begging for government handouts, and don't give them any chance to realize it could be different.

It's not just the extreme left, who have been promised much, who will be left disgusted by Biden and Harris, two people who are owned by big money and other outside forces, and who are mostly interested in power maintenance and not ideology. No, those on the extreme right are also nicely enraged. It's a dangerous situation, and we should all be praying.

And those who are more moderate, should they be middle class or business owners, are the ones people forget who simmer quietly until one day they snap after the government has stood on their neck long enough. Those in power now, including the Republicans who did nothing for four years or even worked against the president and have been spending days grandstanding about sedition and prosecution and no-fly lists when last year hardly a whisper was said as urban areas burned, are perfectly set to anger everyone but the elite intelligentsia ruling class.

Read some French history. 


  1. "Read some French history."

    Or a Russian novel ("In the The First Circle," Alexander Solzhenitsyn). The political-prisoner electrical engineer Bobynin, addressing Minister of State Security Abakumov: "I've got nothing, understand, nothing at all! You can't get at my wife and child; a bomb got to them first. My parents are dead. All I own in this world is a handkerchief. These overalls and the buttonless shirt underneath them (he bared his chest to show it) belong to the state. You took my freedom from me long ago, and you can't give it back because you have no freedom yourself. I'm forty-two years old, and you've slapped a twenty-five year sentence on me, I've been in hard-labor camps, walked about with number patches on my clothes, and wearing handcuffs, with dogs around me, and I've been in a penal work brigade; so what else can you threaten me with? What else can you take away from me? My engineer's job, perhaps? That would be your loss, not mine. [...] In fact, you should get it into your head, and pass it on to whoever needs to know up above, that your power depends on not taking absolutely everything away from people. The man from whom you've taken everything is no longer in your power; he is free all over again."


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