The old blog posts that never stop giving

 In 2014 I "left" a job with a local startup. 

I was their first employee having applied for a job on a whim, and started as a contractor who had to come into the office with my own laptop for a while. I sat on a hard wooden chair in a front window area that got really hot.

I was there through the asbestos abatement (try writing blog and web content with an air compressor under your desk, wondering if there were asbestos particles in the air and if the plastic sheeting would really keep you from them), new carpet, office expansion, new failed product launch and one successful. Long-form content was the rage, so I was writing three or four 2000+ word blog posts a week and I remember how fried I felt.

But I'm not there now.

Thank the Lord. 

Imagine how fun it is to continue to get emails from readers of their blog who stumble upon my 7+ year old blog posts and want me to:

  • Add a link to their new blog post because they are so sure it will be valuable to readers
  • Fix a dead link in a blog post that had linked to their site because they don't want to lose the traffic
  • Replace a dead link in a blog post with one for their blog
  • Inform me of a typo or some correction [See also: Grammar police, your contribution to the world will be forgotten]

Good grief.

This morning I found one of the usual emails I get, part of the usual 3-4 a month:

"Hi. I read ____________. I really liked it. It helped me with my own blogging. However, it looks like you forgot _____________ in this post and I wanted to let you kno."

My general response is:

"Hi. I haven't worked for Company X since 2014. The lack of ___________ in those old blog posts is of zero concern for me. Thanks."

I just find it really weird that:

  1. People do this, via email especially. They see a closed blog comments section and go through all the work to find an email.
  2. People do this thinking it might help them get an in on a now popular internet marketing blog.

All kinds of folks in this world, I guess. 

Some make strange uses of their time. If I had the time to find the email address of a blog writer to let them know about a typo or dead link...I really wouldn't. Who cares?