The party is already going. Just change who shows up.


President Trump's new Office of the Former President is quite a troll and I'm not going to say too much more about it other than I'm smiling as I write this.

There was a lot of talk about him starting a third party, a Patriot Party, and some folks even mobilized and got the gears going before it was a sure thing. President Trump came out today and said he would not be doing that.

The reality is our system is a two-party system. The Tea Party morphed into sending Republicans of a different nature to Congress, though some have sadly devolved backward and away from Tea Party ideals.

If the communists and socialists can take over the Democrat Party, there is no reason God-fearing Constitution-loving people can't do the same to the Republican Party. You can get your Patriot Party using the current structures.

I'm not a joiner of organizations and parties generally speaking. I don't like having all of those bits in my mouth. But I surely can see the need to reboot the Republican party. My own Congressional representation were quick to figure out which way the wind was blowing and sidle up to what seemed safest. A year ago they couldn't spout President Trump's name enough, couldn't stop putting him on their election materials. In the past weeks, they couldn't distance themselves fast enough. 15 to 20 days after the January 6 lead-up and moment, I finally get a long-winded "statesman" reply from my senators on why they did basically nothing.

We aren't dumb. We can see them doing it.

But starting a new party on the right only enables the extreme leftward trends.

I'd rather see a "patriot party/organization" that advocated for localized education by teaching on communism and the Constitution and other political issues, that helped people start campaigns and win Republican seats, that prepared them for public service in office, that vetted and watched how politicians voted or what they aligned themselves with , and provided voter guides all the way down to a city/county level rating candidates on whether they aligned with Constitutional thought or not.

So basically, the goal would be to:

Educate people, because uneducated and uniformed voters are killing us. There are two prongs to this: voter education, and general education. 

I don't want to hear one more person who voted for Biden tell me he's not an abortion supporter because he's a Catholic Democrat and that's not how they were back in the 1960's or whatever. People are voting for candidates out of familial habit, and not looking at their actual stances. Frankly, this applies to RINOs who stick an R after their name and get votes and then go on to behave like leftists or dictators. We need people informed as to which candidates are Constitutional public servants, even if that happens to mean an Independent or a Democrat.

Secondly, we know our schools are doing a poor job right now when it comes to history and American principles. Back in my grandparents day, out of concern of communism, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put out materials (books, workbooks) for communities to use to hold teaching sessions. People learned about the threat of communism. We need community education on the Constitution, and true historical perspective on current events and twisted lies perpetuated by the media.

We need citizens who read, not citizens who rely on TV or pandering, and then go vote.

Recommend news and information sources. Part of the uneducated or uniformed voter problem is they're drinking from mainstream media and from Hollywood, and have zero idea, for example, that the Hunter Biden laptop and fraud story was real and still in play.

Recommend newspapers, websites, books, and other media sources that are providing solid information. Let people know where to go. Let them know which mainstream media stories making the rounds are false (or true) and why.

Provide voter informational guides for every level of election. When there are elections at city, county, state, and national level, provide detailed guides on each candidate and what their stance is on liberty and related topics. Have standard questions that each candidate can be asked by local organizational members. If they won't participate, that's their answer: they won't participate. 

There are few things more frustrating than an election with school board or city/county candidates where you know nothing about them and basically have to stalk them on Facebook to get a feel for what they stand for.

Put all of this information on a website so every citizen can find it. Whether it's all on a site in whole, or it links to other organizations, local or national, doing the same thing with the same principles, we need a clearing house. One place to go to find information, a kind of Patriot One-Stop Shop.

When the next election comes, citizens can look up candidates and measures and see how they fare in terms of liberty and the Constitution. Politicians could be "rated" so citizens know what their actions are instead of falling for all of their sweet, sweet promises each election. Hold them accountable. Track their promises, and what they actually did. Track the impact their votes and alliances had on regular American citizens in terms people can understand (jobs, income, quality of life, gas prices, etc.). 

Right now, for example, we have CNN no longer running the Rona Death Tracker even though people are still dying, and we don't have WaPo tracking the "lies" of the president. They are in bed with the Biden regime, obviously, but there are plenty of things people should know come election time. They should know Biden killed 50K+ jobs his first day in office. He removed the savings President Trump put in place for people needing insulin and other drugs. He shut down fracking and hurt Native American tribes who needed that income (and will ultimately cause our energy prices to skyrocket, which trickles down to food and everything you buy). We need to be tracking these in an easily understood manner, on a website, with links and details, and even updates on the measurable impact of those decisions. Because in the coming elections, they are going to try to sugar coat it.

Provide help and information to candidates and politicians who want it. For new public servants, especially, provide information and recommendations for them as they come into contact with bills and actions they have to decide on. Keep track of important bills at all levels, and provide an opinion on it as to how it affects liberty and aligns with the organization's principles. People won't serve in public service if they think they aren't qualified and don't know everything. Sometimes they vote for things because they weren't aware of surrounding issues. They might welcome the help from an organization whose goals are aligned with the Constitution.

Help primary candidates against swampy Republicans. Simply put, help new people get into public service. There are lots of good people out there who have no idea how to do it, don't think they're qualified, and just need some help getting started at every level. Training, education, support of all kinds, and a place they can ask questions would all be helpful.


There are lots of organizations out there doing some of this in bits and pieces, but to bring it under one roof with city-county-state-national structure would be helpful since information all over the place is not really useful if it can't be found.

Keep the two parties, but work on rebuilding from within.

Of course, I'm not exactly an optimist.

There's a snowball's chance in hell for this to work, because too many people enjoy ignorance, too many people want power, and swampy politicians are really good at shifting and cajoling and convincing and finding their way into power and altering the new thing into that old thing all over again.

But it's an idea.


  1. I've been thinking this over for the past several days now, since you posted it. I think I'm going to venture to disagree a bit, with all gentleness and respect.

    Relative to taking over the GOP: there's a ton of corporate money there that will guard against such a thing. And, in terms of winning elections, I don't see that as a viable way forward. The left not only stole the one this past November, they telegraphed well in advance that they were going to do that. And when they did, it was with a brazen, contemptuous refusal to try to actually cover it up. To try to hide what they did would have implied some degree of respect for we victims of the theft, and any degree of respect would be several bridges too far for these folks.

    So, with it having been established that the left can "win" any future election they want, regardless of actual voting, through creative counting and the manufacture of any required numbers of false "mail-in" or harvested ballots at any time, I think legacy Americans are going to have to recognize that we're not voting our way out of this.

    One possible resolution is the collapse of the American Empire, through military overreach and a blizzard of money-creation unrelated to actual goods and services, and I have to think that's not too far away. In the ensuing chaos, sane societies might grow up organically. Another thought: the silly panty raid on the Capitol this past January 6 is being decried from all sides, by all Goodthinkers, as an "insurrection." Perhaps, when they try to impose out-and-out gun confiscations, they'll find out what a serious insurrection looks like.

    Not pleasant thoughts, I know, and I take no pleasure in them. But I really think the GOP is a dead and rotting corpse. The sooner it's under the ground, the better.

  2. While in my heart I would hope for a free and fair election, in my head I don't see it coming anytime soon. I sadly feel that the only thing that will bring this to a head is a type of civil war. That when the guns are come for that will be the last straw. When in truth there have been many "last straw" moments in the past years. I agree that many people choose ignorance, then they do not have to do anything but ask why????
    Why can't we afford to heat our house?
    Why can't we watch the movies we used to like?
    Why can't I have so and so as my friend anymore?
    Why did my Grandma keep saying that the sins of the past are being repeated? As she had tears in her eyes.
    We as a country may have to go old school, snail mail is a start. Meetings in church, asking the tough questions, like.... Do you really believe in God? If yes then you don't agree with abortion. You can't believe in both. Do you agree with free speech? Then you can't agree with censorship. This is not the middle of the road time. Take a stand, think about it. The road will be long and hard, it is not easy
    protecting freedom. Just ask a war veteran. It may not be easy but this fight is really not just about us, it's about our children and their children and so on.
    I for one know where I stand, my family and friends don't all agree with me but thats ok, I still love them. Even when they are wrong.
    I don't believe in abortion or censorship. I believe in freedom at all costs. I will be ready, I am ready. I attend gatherings to try to change things. I speak out. I have been banned on social media. No loss there. Funny it only lasted until after January 20th.
    Keep your eyes and ears open. When you hear of someone who is doing what is necessary to protect the constitution call them! Offer to help, one person can become two and so on.


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