Welcome to 2021


Photo by Reuters. Unlike antifa/BLM, that's not fire. It's just light and tear gas.

First, refresh your memory of what happened in June and July last year. Because it appears the media has made it easy for you to forget.

The trauma of 2020, capped of by a sketchy election, fed by a system unwilling to listen and consider valid evidence in the courts, after four years of leftist and elitest mockery and derision, brought us to yesterday.

I'm not surprised, and except for the four people who died, I don't know that I even feel sad.

This is where we are.

No one, on either side, gets to act surprised and point a finger.

Elon Musk probably got it best, referring to the creation of Facebook back in the day, and where we are now:

Small things become what we don't expect. 

Domino effect. Unintended consequences. 

Much of the last four years, and what has been going on politically and socially has been building, but we've had powerful people who think they can keep beating their favorite horse without it one day rearing up and shoving some hooves in their face.

So what really happened?

We know antifa was there. They came on buses, possibly. In the days leading up to the protest, people were sharing online how antifa was planning to "dress like a Trump supporter" and get in the crowd.

This should be of no surprise to anyone, but leftist politicians refuse to acknowledge this happens except when it's a BLM protest, and then all the bad actors were from "out of state."

This was one of the "trump supporters" the news channels interviewed. Antifa.

What's this? One of the "trump supporters" was in a BLM march? These people are riot junkies. They like chaos.

I've already written about what I think of the Q influence on some people. I don't know that it is or isn't bad. Some had Q shirts on. Who knows if they were or not.

So Trump was speaking at a massive protest rally. He asked people who intended to march to the Capitol to do so peacefully. You can look that up and see it is true, since media and politicians like Mitt Romney are trying to say he incited violence. If Romney is correct, any leader who speaks about anything to a protest crowd has incited violence if a small tangent of them do damage, whether that leader literally call for it or not. Should be a fun precedent, right? 

Several people who were there said he was still speaking as the Capitol was breached. 

If you listen to his speech, you can hear him asking people to be peaceful that day, as there were many speakers and activities on the agenda.

Then social media starts blowing up.

We have a massive crowd outside on the Mall, all of the lawmakers and VIPs in the Capitol, and you're telling me they couldn't hold it? Why were police told to stand down before the protest? Why were the tall gates put up the day after?

We have video of Trump supporters trying to pull people away from breaking windows. Video showing Capitol police moving the barricades and practically ushering the crowd in. Here's another video where the police are waving the people past the barriers. And another. Were they fake police, or did the police encourage the protesters to come in? Some officers tried to keep the crowd back. So what was going on with the police?

No real security presence inside, as another video shows one cop with a billy club device running from a crowd, conveniently leading them up the stairs to where they needed to go. We have video of Capitol police taking selfies with the people in the capitol. Video where you can hear protesters caught up in the surge inside, yelling "don't hurt the officers!" Video showing hundreds of thousands of protesters not rioting but simply singing and being pretty peaceful, and watching them disperse as they are informed of the curfew. The police launch tear gas into the crowd and you know what the reaction is?

They continue to disperse.

No bottles of cement. No bricks. No molotov cocktails. Unlike antifa, who shot a man last year because he had a Trump hat on, the only shooting came from the police it appears.

Does this look like a violent crowd? Anything like antifa last year?

Those who didn't?

The police beat the sh*t out of them. But you know, when it was BLM/antifa...just let them burn cars and destroy businesses. No curfew. Don't request the National Guard, and if they do come in, get rid of them as fast as you can. That's what happened when DC was on fire last year.

Was it the shock of seeing the dirty hoi polloi in their own Capitol? That the elite lawmakers and their sacred ground felt the heat of the flames of lost livelihoods and neighborhoods and hopes they'd condoned all last year? Did they think anger wasn't real, and would be controlled by Mark Zuckerberg or an office intern who deflected the calls and emails into oblivion?

As politicians found out yesterday, it's easy to dismiss riots when they are in some city away from you and yours, but when you're the one cowering under your desk wondering if you'll make it out, the reality of lawlessness hits home. 

Don't those people realize how many people lived in fear for weeks in Minneapolis? in Seattle? in Portland? They didn't care, but an hour or so in the capitol and in their offices, with firepower on the way, and we have another "pearl harbor" on our hands (as McConnell compared the day to). I can't believe how out of touch these people are. I can't believe people keep electing them. They should have all been forced to go live in Chaz in Seattle and get an understanding of what they've created. They've turned the Capitol into their own autonomous zone where rules and law and justice don't apply; why not visit one antifa sets up?

I imagine that gun sales and ammo will continue to skyrocket. You can't buy ammo hardly at all, it's flying off the shelves. What do you think that means? What do you think the people in the nation are thinking as they hoard ammo and purchase guns? Are our leaders so naive?

To the media and celebrities and politicans:

Before the election, as D.C. began boarding up its businesses apparently expecting Trump to win (which he did, sans fraud) and expecting antifa to destroy everything unabated, the Associated Press tweeted this:

Do they still stand by this?


Look at the language in all the media today, describing what happened yesterday. 

Amazing how you media folk found the word "mob" and "riot" in your dictionaries yesterday. 

Last summer, officers were killed, and entire blocks burned, but this one was the riot, Twitter?

Amazing how the most expensive riots in U.S. history last summer were mostly peaceful, justified rage, a "summer of love", and even excused by some of you by saying that there's nothing that says a protest has to be peaceful. You said nothing when historical buildings were defaced, some, like important historical churches, lit on fire (you called that a protest, not even a riot, as the church burned), and statues torn down and destroyed. YOU SAID IT WAS GOOD. It was evil. Isaiah 5:20 is not joke. You call evil good, and you'll be judged someday.

Your social media posts and articles are all over the internet. The change from all of last year to yesterday is truly shocking. And some of you (AOC) know your past statments don't look so good when it's a right-leaning protest so you're trying to get Twitter to not allow people to share your past statements.

I mean, if fair is fair, this hot take is right on, right?

But let's see just a TINY FEW examples of hypocrisy at work in our media and politicians regarding violence.

Yes, they stormed a federal building non-stop with fire. But it's OK. It was mostly peaceful.

Even though Trump's speech actually asked people to be peaceful.

Let's find the photo with the scary guy and the mad face. Not the happy singing photos.

But this was ok.

To be fair to the guy from Vox who wrote that BS article last year, he's since admitted it was garbage.

But other reality-impaired people are still going at it.

You say potato, I say patato. I guess. 

Don't you forget that Joe Biden's campaign gave money to organziations to help bail out the people arrested for looting and rioting in Minneapolis and elsewhere, so that they could be back out on the street ASAP.

Gosh, they didn't do this last year. Wonder why.

For a more complete record of this duplicity, you can see 28 times violence and riots were excused by media, politicians, and celebrities in this handy compilation. Or you can see one of the delightful Cuomo's talk about how rioting is A-OK when it's the left doing it.

You media hypcrites act as if others hadn't forced their way in or attempted to (remember the mob pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court when Kavanaugh was being made a justice?) get in federal buildings before. And when you do talk about those leftist protests that push into capitol buildings, you talk with admiration. You thought it was great then.

I even saw one guy, Erick Erickson, who was a Never Trump, then for Trump, and I guess against Trump (I can't keep track anymore) eagerly call for shooting the protesters, waiving rules, and pretty much burning the Constitution. I don't think you'd want him in the trench with you if there was incoming, because he can't hold his crap, much less hold the line.

You call a woman who served in her country for over a decade, deployed many times by the very people in the building she was trying to make listen to her, an extremist. But you elevate George Floyd, who was high on meth at the time of his arrest, a hero.

Twitter locked the President out of his account, along with many conservatives, but is allowing leftist trolls post horrible things on slain protester Ashli Babbit's Twitter feed.

Don't you let these politicians pretend, now that they've experienced it and now that they are in control as a majority, that they are for peace and law and order. They haven't been for the last four years and on. In their own words, even.

But Kamala Harris still thinks yesterday was far worse than months of destruction and death last year.

Extremists (including some who, once they got into the Senate chamber, formed a group to pray in there) versus the peaceful protesters who burned Minneapolis, set up a no-police zone in Seattle, and destroyed thousands of businesses and saw many people die. This is your new leader, this dillusional gaslighting woman who doesn't seem to realize tear gas was used at the Capitol. YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE PHOTO AT THE TOP.

Just remember that during the horrible riots last year, Harris encouraged the rioters to not give up, but to keep up the destruction. Trump quickly asked people to stop the violence and disperse.

And to those politicians still using what happened yesterday as fodder for the political game, I have no idea how you're so tone deaf. 

Stop it.

You are going to fan the flames. 

You think the only rage in this country, after a year of lockdowns and decimated small business and suicides and drug use, is the BLM/antifa crowd?

The more discomfort our politicians feel, the better. No pain, and they sit easy in their chairs, passing laws and making backroom deals while the American people suffer.

When you back people into such a corner where they feel like rushing the Capitol, as this man who was in the Capitol and prayed with friends in the Senate chamber describes, you need to LISTEN to their grievance. If you can listen to BLM and antifa all last year, naming parks and painting streets and elevating their flag so that burning it is a hate crime, listen to the people from yesterday. They're not the enemy. The majority aren't terrorists. They're the once paying your fat pensions and filling pallets of cash for Iran and Obama. We are people who have no voice anymore because elections are fraudulent. Mayors, governors, and the feds have done nothing but crush people last year, locking them down and telling them to shut up and suck at the government teat. No one is listening. And today, all these elitist lawmakers are doing is promising to prosecute and punish and crush. They aren't even talking about what the motivation was.

For example, they want Trump supporters labeled as terrorists, and put on the no-fly list. They want to restrict people's travel, people who had nothing to do with violence, but simply attended a protest rally like many others before them. These are the same flight attendants, by the way, who take delight in kicking people off of plans because of masks.

You squeeze a balloon, it bulges out somewhere else.

To the super-sanctified Big Evangelical crowd:

(Including Russell Moore, Beth Moore, David Platt, anyone from The Gospel Coalition, just about any well-known scold in the SBC, etc.)

I know Jesus is my Savior.

If there had been an area on my ballot where I was voting for Savior, I would have selected Jesus. 

However, there wasn't. 

So when I voted for Donald Trump for president, I was thinking that he was who I would want to be president of this country, not savior. 

I don't know why you don't get this.

"It's Trumpism! It's Trumpism! He can't save you!"

Yes. We know. It was an election, not salvation. I'm more concerned that you can't differentiate the two, frankly, as you seem to project something onto those of use who haven't confused the point.

But I know you have platforms and publishing deals to maintain, so that's a motivator, I guess.

Don't you dare use this as an "I told you so" because most of the people in that protest were good, kind, regular people, the kind who go to your churches and read your stupid books generated more by contract obligations than the Holy Spirit telling you to share with the church.

My salvation comes from Jesus only, my guidance comes from the Holy Spirit, so much so that I don't really need your opinion, your hot take on Twitter, your latest study or book, your sanctimonous podcast, or anything else. How you like them apples?

To social media tech giants, who sit in judgment of everyone on their platform:

Jack, Mark—related d-bags: you will be judged someday. You've meddled not only in elections, but in the minds and hearts of people for so long, controlling what you'll allow them to know and ultimately what you'll allow them to think.

I can't imagine the very real judgment coming for you, wherever and whenever it may be, for what you've done with your platforms. Drug cartels are nothing compared to you. You turned people into products, literally made them addicted users, and then you began to tell them what proper information and belief was. You are far worse than any dictator in the history of this world because of the extreme damage you've done in people's lives, minds, and subsequent actions. You grew rich, and abused your power. God sees.

"We will tell you what you can like." -- Twitter Overlords

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter suspended President Trump's accounts. Twitter removed his video calling for peace because it "might incite violence." 

You are using platforms that are actively gaslighting you!

But actual terrorists are OK for Twitter.

And today, Facebook said they'll suspend Trump indefinitely, as well as remove the videos and posts of the march. They removed groups that didn't support Biden as president, and they will continue to do this. 

If you thought the Democrat party (or the Republican, for that matter) was a big fan of free speech, check out this doozy from Michelle Obama.

This seems American. God forbid we are a nation founded on insurrection.


I have said this before and I am repeating it here. Quit with your excuses. You are being lulled into deception.


All the calls for unity, and peace and safety, are for naught. 

They make me laugh, really.

I don't think things are going to get better. I fully expect them to get worse

This doesn't stop me from praying for God's mercy, this doesn't stop me from caring about people and being a good citizen, but this nation has strayed so far from God there is, I'm afraid, no going back. 

Despite the Big Evangelical Powerful People decrying "one issue voting" and despite people like Phil Vischer talking about "only saving" 60,000 or so lives when callously discussing political candidates, abortion is unique in that it's the murder of innocent children and God has, historically, taken a very very dim view on that.


Every time that happens, the blood shed is not forgotten. It's kind of like when President Lincoln noted that the blood shed in slavery was reaped in the blood shed during the Civil War. God is not ignoring what's going on. His patience is mercy, so that we'd repent and change. But we aren't changing; we're going for broke instead.

I don't know why we think we can butcher millions of children each year and escape notice. Kamala Harris is positively giddy about abortion, and was the one who joyfully went after David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood's profitable baby-parts selling business. You think having leadership that actively rejoices in abortion and shuts down anyone trying to expose illegal sale of baby parts isn't going to get the attention of God?

We have leaders drunk on blood pretending they abhor violence. The people who send their tax money to the government get to watch tone-deaf politicians give themselves raises, make laws they don't keep, lecture the American people on how they should behave (as if even most of those in D.C. yesterday wouldn't decry what happened in the Capitol), shush the plebes, and ignore the thousands and thousands of sworn affidavits of regular citizen whistleblowers who put themselves at risk to bring light to the election fraud they saw—it's all an echo of nothing. 

Our leaders give lip service to a Constitution which is, truly, just a piece of paper trying to put into writing our God-given rights and a free nation that only applies to a moral people. We are not a moral nation anymore. We are not a moral people. Oh, there are pockets of believers who have put their life in God's hands, but we see that for the most part, no matter what political side you're in, we are horribly immoral. We are full of murder, greed, lust, pornography, sexual deviance, gender confusion, envy, deceit, slavery, pleasure-first, selfishness, sloth, cheating, stealing, and drug abuse, to just name a few. And not only is that our national culture, but we celebrate those things.

God is not mocked.

Our children have been turned over to schools that brainwash them in every direction, mesmerizing them in front of screens, altering their developing brains and addicting them to devices. Our media tells us not the truth, but a picture of what they want us to believe about the reality around us. We leave with a faux education, and some facts (or partial facts) without real context. It is a picture where there is no God, where we strangely divide people into ever-smaller intersectional groups while still thinking we're going to have a global unity and government. 

More than anything, our mainstream media desires to convince you to say and think things you do not believe. Because if they do it long enough, as we've seen with the deviant morals drowning our culture, they know they can actually get you to believe it eventually.

Our media and celebrity culture is a wasteland, mocking the very people they take money from supposedly to entertain, making no effort to hide their derision. And people watch the garbage they pump out. Just as you should leave social media, STOP CONSUMING HOLLYWOOD SEWAGE! Make the hard choice today, and build the habit.

I really wish people hadn't gone into the Capitol, that's true. 

Not because I feel it's sacred anymore. It isn't. It's been bought and paid for by lobbyists, global corporations, special interests, and globalists in general. It is a building of dry bones, of plaster and paint and rot underneath the facade.

Mainly, I wish they'd not gone in because people died. 

But also, because all of the fraud testimony wasn't heard (probably the plan, right?), and a bunch of spineless senators used it as an excuse to not object as if the evidence had changed over the hours, as if the fraud they agreed was valid was negated by a weirdo in a viking hat standing in the capitol. They reneged on their promise to the people, as if the shock of the protester/antifa mix in the capitol relieved them of pursuing justice. "Their" sacred marble temple was invaded by the Visigoths and Vandals, and as punishment, they would let fraud flourish.

It was their duty as servants of the people to hear the evidence the people had provided and needed to hear.

And they didn't.

And they reiterated why people were in Washington D.C. that day, and why some were so full of rage that they rushed into the Capitol. This nation started by a revolution. We're very young as a nation. Stop acting so surprised about yesterday.

I don't know if we'll eventually learn who the people were in the Capitol. The media doesn't tend to report after-the-fact. 

But I know people who went to D.C. and they were good people and I won't believe for a minute that this is the fault of President Donald Trump or the majority of the people there. They wanted transparency, and the political machine, save for a very few Representatives and Senators, circled the wagons and maintained the status quo. We the people distrust our political machine, whether Republican or Democrat, for good reason

Bernie Sanders supporters saw it happen. Now Trump supporters see it happen.

Now we see GOP leaders groveling to media and the left, kowtowing and pretending everything is fine. We see Newt Gingrich thanking Stacy Abrams in Georgia for a good election. We see Tom Cotton and others telling the people who read the sworn affidavits, who saw the video, who testified to massive fraud that they didn't really see that. It never happened, despite what you've seen. Despite the statisticians, poll workers, and lawyers who can show otherwise. Social media will censor anything that doesn't fit their narrative (Google and YouTube said they'd remove anything mentioning voter fraud). They will repeat it over and over until your mind believes that the truth is the information you're allowed to see. 

Let me be clear: evidence of fraud is EVERYWHERE but if you refuse to look outside of mainstream media and what the big social networks and Google allows, you will NEVER see it. We have affidavits, documents, witnesses, sworn testimony, people from other countries who saw involvement...it is mind-boggling that people believe there was no fraud.


Huh. You don't say.

You might not like how Trump is, but he was not mistaken in his claim on this.

In an echo of 2020, where no one held the line except for Gov. Kristi Noem and eventually, Gov. Ron DeSantis, we are seeing people abandon ship when things get rocky. They got theirs for four years. They cozied up to President Trump when it served them, but now they can't run fast enough away. They can go write their tell-all books. They can rewrite their history. They made a reputation and money with him, now they can make a reputation and money against him. They figured since the gig was up, they'd jump ship 14 days early. So, for example, watching White House staff resign and people turn their backs on a President is, to borrow from Ms. Clinton, deplorable. Like I said earlier, you don't want these people in your trench. They not only can't hold the line, but they'll stab you in the back and use your body to climb out of the hole to surrender.

Stop giving lip service to unity when you despise your fellow citizens with everything you say and do, you duplicitous, lying, opportunistic MOB. Yes, the mob wasn't the peaceful protest of hundreds of thousands yesterday that the media wouldn't report on. The MOB is the media and the political machine, a never-ending viper that twists truth day in and day out.

We have a Democrat super-majority now. Surely they are going to fix all the problems, right? Will the Evangelical Industrial Machine be as aggressive in reminding people that the Democrats aren't their savior? Will they? Because for the Democrats, this is their chance. Until the plandemic, Trump had set the nation on a roaring economy, record low unemployment, much freer from foreign trade burdens, energy independence, and strengthening us all around. You might not have liked his dock-worker personality, but he kept his promises. So now the Democrats, who have been bitching for four years, have their chance. 

Maybe all the dictator governors will open their states now that "their" guy/gal (let's be honest, Biden won't last long) is in the office and they want to give him/her credit for opening their state.

For those who voted for Democrats in Georgia just because you wanted a $2000 check instead of $600, remember that President Trump wanted that for you. I sure hope that doesn't come in the form of a tax credit, because if you don't pay taxes...whoopsies. I guess the going price for a vote is $2K in some cities.

And oh. Don't you think the extreme left rioters are done, that they'll behave since Trump isn't president. Watch these placating leaders deal with it when they don't have Trump to blame. It should be interesting. Harris and Biden were pretty harsh with prisoners back in the day, so maybe they'll revert back to that when their own backyard is on fire.

I can hardly wait for who they'll blame for all the bad things that will continue to happen as this nation goes culturally and morally down the toilet. If it isn't Trump, who? They have a super majority. They have no excuse. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE. They control the government. They get to blame NO ONE. Joe Biden, who has been a politician for 47 years and still thinks he knows how to fix things if he could just remember where he was at, will be to blame.

What will the pathetic media and comedians and celebrities like nasty-mouth Joy Behar and Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel do for their stupid jokes? Will they just keep making fun of the people of the country like they've been doing for four years? When will the riots and fire show up at their luxury home estate? Will they like police then?

Anyone who thinks you can mock more than half of a nation as we've seen in the past four years, and then do what was done on November 3rd and onward, and think there will be no problem...is a fool. I don't think even I have a clue to the amount of rage that is brewing in this nation, and it will explode at some point. 

I came to be very proud of the President and First Lady Trump, and do not apologize.

Welcome to 2021. Brace yourself.


  1. Get in the Bible. (This is truth)
  2. Get off of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (This is controlled information)
  3. Find other news sources. Try The Epoch Times. (This is information others aren't telling you)