As long as the words are smooth

Judge Doom from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

People didn't like President Trump for a lot of reasons, according to their claims, but I suspect much of it was his manner. The words that came out of him. They weren't politik.

I won't lie. I didn't enjoy listening to him talk all the time.

But I liked the action he took. 

He said what he'd do, and then he did it.

Now we have Biden, looking like a black-double-masked Judge Doom from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" with his strangely odd face-lifted eyes pulling up at the right, signing about 20 executive orders the first moments after inauguration (actually commenting he had no idea what he was signing), and about a bajillion since then. And as he's purposefully signing away everything he can from President Trump's administration through executive orders, killing jobs and girls' sports and throwing wide the doors to illegal immigration, he's slick talking about unity and how he wants to work with Congress and heal the nation. 

And the newspapers, like the Pravda-ian New Yuck Times, carry bold Orwellian headlines that democracy was saved even as the federal justice departments, who have all but ignored antifa last year, are putting every last ounce of energy into finding out which Trump supporters were at the rally on January 6, using billboards and encouraging people to rat out friends and family and working with facial recognition, so they can make these private citizen's lives hell. 

I'm not going to say Biden is a smooth talker. He seems completely confused. But his manner is more politik, and that's the thing, right?

The words coming out of Biden's chiclet-grin mouth belie his actions. He can smile and dotter about with a grin to the great pleasure of everyone wanting a piece of the puppet, but his actions are much louder than any words that fall out of his mouth.

It's easy to dislike President Trump's manner of speech and what he said, but what he did was amazing. Yet we are a foolish people who choose to believe the words that slide off of slick tongues even as they perform actions right in front of us that do not match the words.

I can't help but think of Beth Moore, outraged at then-candidate Trump's crude joke about grabbing women by the pu**y. Yet she did not say much about the fact that Biden apparently actually did that to one of his aides years ago, and there is real indication that it happened. As long as he didn't make crude jokes, his alleged sex assault actions were fine. 

But don't you let your speech be uncouth, because it will always cancel out any action for the mindless people who only fixate on the surface quality of things.