If it was about you and not God, you'd have been abandoned.

 Maybe it's part two of the anti-Semitism post, I don't know.

The observations I'm making from people's responses are so revealing as far as grasping an understanding of just how horribly Biblically illiterate people are, and how they are not, apparently, reading their Bibles for themselves, or are letting internet videos and online forums do the work for them.

For example, this post:

We simply must strip the label away from the person. 

Forget about the history, the stereotype, the rumor, the whatever associated with a people group. We are in the Church Age and God is not in the nation-saving business, but the individual human saving business. (That will change soon enough.)

How glad I am that, because of Jesus' blood, he doesn't see me as a list of all the evil I've done, thought, and said, along with that of my entire family tree. Why we don't show this kind of grace to people but expect it from God is one of the many mysteries of God's incredible grace and nature.

A listing of all the evil done by a Jewish person across history is not a proof of anything except the fallen state of humanity, the need for Jesus Christ, and an awareness of my own sin. For some believers, apparently, there are people who cannot be saved, or should not be saved.

The cross screams otherwise.

If you have hate in your heart, you cannot perform the functions of the body of Christ. You cannot.

"See, Julie, here is this list of Jews and the atrocities and evils they've done, and the foul beliefs they have! They are from Satan!"

"Here is proof, undeniable fact, that the Jews are the most destructive force in the Western world!"

You cannot tell them about Jesus Christ if that is in your heart, and I'm not even sure how much room there is in your heart for Jesus Christ at all if it is full of that. 

It is very easy to get angry with faceless groups of powerful people we'll never meet yet keep hearing about online. We feed that rage and pretty soon it has real consequences in our lives. It's a cancer of hate affecting everything, how we see the world, how we see individual human beings, how we speak, where we give our money, and what we eventually do. We step off of the path towards Christ and leave the spiritual battle we're supposed to be in.


Our enemy is and has always been Satan. 

Why would it surprise anyone that Satan would both target for destruction and work for evil the very people God chose to be his? He certainly has done so in the people we call Christians, has he not? What's been done under the banner of Christ over the past 1000+ years hasn't always been pretty. 

Israel had a history of rebelling against God, but the question was never one of whether they lost their worthiness (since they weren't chosen based on being worthy) but one of what is God's true nature.

If God's promises to Israel are negated because they've been unfaithful, then we ought to suspect his promises to us. Because we are also unfaithful. And any so-called Christian who thinks they can lay claim to being righteous enough to determine what people God ought to or has broken his promise to is someone who is fooling themselves in their understanding of their nature and how sinful they really are.

He keeps his promises, no matter how awful people become. He disciplines in the midst of keeping those promises, because He loves us. He is patient, but his discipline will surely come, no matter how much you think you got a free pass.

For Israel. For believers in Christ. For both. Right now, we're in the church age. But Israel's time as an instrument of God is coming once the church is removed. 

God not abandoning the Jewish people, nor abandoning us as sinners who constantly sin every day, is a statement about him. Not about us. The fact that these folks don't see this tells me that God is not as important in their lives as they give lip service (or tradition or habitual actions) to. 

Somehow, they still think they're a bit better than the Jew, that they're good enough to not have been abandoned by God, past promises broken.

They fool themselves.


  1. "What's been done under the banner of Christ over the past 1000+ years hasn't always been pretty."

    That may be a mild understatement.

    As one of my heroes, C.S. Lewis, wrote (paraphrasing): the Church is like Noah's Ark. The stench inside would be intolerable, were it not for the storm raging outside.

    And that's not even including the jew-haters, most of whom I'd guess aren't even in the Church anyway. I've never looked at Gab, assuming that it is the cacophony of noise that I've been told about. But in the quarters of the internet where I do mis-spend too much time, a very large fraction of the aggressive, obnoxious atheists use as their go-to insult to Jesus (intended, comically enough, to hurt my feelings) is the He's the "jew messiah." I'd conjecture that lots of these folks reject the Gospel because, as you suggest, it's difficult to deal in hatred while embracing the Christian faith ... and the hatred is more fun.

    1. "It's difficult to deal in hatred while embracing the Christian faith."

      The motto that ought to be emblazoned across the so-called Christian areas of the internet.


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