OK, first, I did like your first podcast (pardon me for calling it that, but that's what it is). I'm sure there were some rough spots, but I'm guessing that you're the only person who's aware of them.

About the camping incident: I do think it's a "required course" for Christians to not be disgusted by any other person, including campground drunks, for the obvious reasons -- they're creations of God in His image, we no doubt give God plenty of opportunities to be disgusted by our own thoughts, words, and deeds, etc. But, yes, there's a lot of people who make it tough not to be disgusted. As far as I can tell, more every day.

Just this past weekend, I did my September bit as volunteer campground host at the Salamonie State Forest "family" primitive campground (as opposed to the horseman's campground about half a mile away). There, official quiet hours commence at 11 pm and go to 7 am. As far as I know, on my weekends, there has never been any noticeable noise after about 10 or so. But that's only "as far as I know," because I tend to walk the rounds at about 8:30, and after that, my sleeping bag calls persuasively to me. And once I drift off, it would take a pretty impressive noise to awaken me.

There is one manmade sound I like to hear as I'm lying in my bag on a chilly night. There's a fairly busy railroad track a few miles north, going through the town of Lagro. The sound of the locomotive horn in the night, as it approaches the few road crossings around there ... a romantic sort of sound. Makes me wish I were onboard.

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