Sitemap - 2022 - Lone Prairie

New Book: Alone Together

The madness of relying on donkeys.

Tarnish is already happening.

All the advice I might care to give about writing.

A humble donkey might save your stubborn life.

We worship whirlwinds, not whispers.

No one drowns in ice.

Little Bit.

Going elsewhere.

Maniacal laughter near the zucchini plant.

Evangelizing via spam texts.

You won't be due for an upgrade for three years.

A very unsafe Fourth of July.

Fifty long years of prayer.

When your life coach is only a little way through life.

We started and won two atomic wars since 2022.

If the great resignation meets recession.

The cows are not coming home.

Being Sham in Secretariat's year.

My neighbor's dog and Geoff Beale.

The crazy conspiracy is ruining all the good conspiracy.

Expect to find more bodies. Some in barrels.

At the end of the lecture, they proved her point.

But Lord, surely he stinketh.

When character was king.

Everything is on fire, according to the documentaries.

We all long for Q.E.D.

When we were younger, and had more cartilage.

Plebs are needed.

We can't put the fruit back on the tree.

The ability to differentiate.

One more thing about Patreon.

The shame motivation factor.

The furor over Evangelicals carrying water for Francis Collins.

The science has changed.

The quick and easy Canadian sugar rush.

You could be a de' Medici.

How to be a domestic terrorist, and other casual hobbies.

A special shout-out to Evan McMullin.

A military skirmish over brownies.

Having a Psalm 73 moment.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall carry on interesting conversations.

I enjoy painting with Kevin.

My old newspaper shut down.