Sitemap - 2023 - Lone Prairie Blog

Remember where you started, and where you're going.

Lloyd Liken is still missing.

009: Kids Books Are The Most Important Books / The Mysteries Of Books, Writing, And Thankfulness

Do not go gentle into that good night, church cookbooks.

Un-Amazoning the world.

They'll never know if someone has their six.

008: When A Podcast Is Recorded Before A Live Studio Audience

Patterns are useful when you know when they no longer are.

The Mysteries of Whisper Bay: A new children's mystery series.

The pain of the cold sell and subsequent likely rejection.

007: Searching For Dru Sjodin / The Price Of The Earth / Finding Rebecca Flaa

Everything I need to know about people I learned from The Black Stallion.

The man burns while they swirl above.

006: Campfire Podcast: The Historian Book / Spooky Empty Buildings

The glory of the mocha shiznit.

That one time I sort of met Jeff Bezos.

005: Consider Yourself Dismissed / How To Quit Your Job

The wolves are breeding the sheep.

You can be a writer.

Welcome to Leith (Again)

004: Old Dogs New Tricks / The Sound Of Silence

A rose by any other name.

Response to the High Plains Reader article on North Dakota during the pandemic.

5 signs you are underselling yourself.

The opposite of audio adrenaline would be the audio version of this blog.

003: Fermented Ginger Soda / Cooking With Julie

Don't take it personally.

The triumph of the caveats.

Running out of compartments to put things, in terms of computers, et al.

002: The Crafts Report Forum / I Sure Hate Your Blog

Why it's good for you to clean toilets.

The death, the intermission, and the copywriter.

There is no such thing as ordinary time.

001: Campground Ruckus / Garbage In Garbage Out

66 things you need to know.

The difference between a publisher and a printer.

Yes, I'm familiar with Beanie Babies.

How WW3 starts.

12 signs you're underselling your writing services.

Four connected ideas, one summation.

That time when Dan Ariely was our currency.

You can not get to Heaven by Lutefisk alone.

What's your frequency?

Earning a living as a writer is great.

Why Substack is an ideal platform for writers.

What is a woman?

If I'd had more time, I'd have made this shorter.

Invite your friends to read the Lone Prairie Blog

It's not about the pay. It's about serving your community.

The center of the United States.

Don't forget your road map.

You cannot represent what you will not acknowledge.

How long before AI takes my job as a copywriter?

Too many skip-through parts.

This is why people hate politics.

Eavesdropping is much more useful.

Calculating various carbon footprints.

The purpose of a wind chime.

The Joy of Cooking is mostly about ignoring recipes.

Shades of Gray for Leaders

Chats and Notes, and shiny new things.

My sister needs a red riding hood.

Too much talking, too little conversation.

Is AOPA carrying water for the FAA?

Until you've tried the Finnish sauna in a winter storm.

Lucifer's Hammer.

Take a drive down a North Dakota highway, for a surprise ending.

My only regret is that there aren't enough words to say less.

The strange whipping boy of seed oils.

The crop circles of Langdon, North Dakota.

Forget the angry trout. Consider the angry people.

The empty echo of godless life hacks.

The Bible says...

If I were to write a letter to Mike Rowe.

Happy Joy-full New Year.